November 08, 2018

The future is circular

Develop a digital market place to power global transition towards circular economy. That was the top selected idea of Yara's first internal Incubator Program, which Pitch finale took place at Yara headquarters, in Oslo, on October 25.
Yara Incubator Program participants
Yara Incubator Program participants

During the finale pitch event, eight teams presented their ideas to the jury, whom after careful deliberation prized the idea on circular economy presented by Jonathan Huckert, Jing Lin, Xuefei Liu, Dagmar Neukirchen and Noemi Bueicheku.

“I am a bit surprised because the statistical chances of us winning were low, especially amid so many great ideas, but I am very glad. We are looking forward to getting the opportunity to develop our idea further,” said a visibly delighted Jonathan Huckert on behalf of the winning team.

“The jury appreciated the idea. It is a low-investment option that could potentially leapfrog Yara into an entirely new business model connected to circular economy. The selected team will have the exciting opportunity to develop their idea further with funding and backing from Yara’s Innovation department and other expert teams in the organization,” said Silvia Tonti, acting as VP Innovation.

Breeding a culture of innovation

The 4-week Yara Incubator Program started in October with a kick-off week held in our Digital Hub in Berlin. During the incubation, the teams had to research, conduct experiments and make prototypes, working systematically and diligently to bring their ideas to life.

From using 3D-printing to optimize the spare parts ecosystem, to developing an online platform for ‘hiring’ chemicals, each team highlighted a critical problem followed by an apt solution for both local and global issues.

Yara Incubator Program activities

The teams were designed to be international and cross-functional, adding value and unique perspectives to the incubation period. From the Incubator Program, each Yarapreneur is taking with himself experiences, connections and new insights.

“As an organization, Yara has much to gain from the Incubator Program, whether through the teams’ solutions or through the entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring the company,” says Caribi Ramos, Incubator Program Manager.

The Incubator Program will continue to play an important role as contributor to one of our strategic priorities; Drive Innovative Growth.

“Through yearly Incubator programs, we commit ourselves to achieve profitability developing new business and innovation. The finale of the program was not the end, but the beginning of the journey ahead,” explains Ramos.

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