NOx emission reduction for industrial plants

Looking for a highly efficient system for NOx reduction or want to optimize the operating costs of your existing NOx control system? Yara can help. 

With over 600 systems installed globally, our SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and SNCR (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) systems are developed to meet the highest standards and performance. 

YARA is both a reagent producer and DeNOx system manufacturer. With Production plants and terminals in our key markets, we can guarantee lowest rate and continuous supply of your reagent. 

We can help improve your bottom line with a solution that optimizes your reagent consumption and equipment investment.  

Why Reducing NOx?

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are a group of poisonous and reactive gases: NO, NO2, N2O.  

NOx Emissions are formed when fuel is burned at high temperatures. Trucks, boats, Industrial boilers, cement kilns, gas turbines are most common emitters.  

Reducing NOx emissions has been proven to lower risks of related respiratory conditions. As well, NOx reduction has a direct impact on reducing SMOG and acid rain formation and their harmful consequences to the environment.  

On average, YARA DeNOx solutions are enabling the reduction of 200,000 Tons of NOx per year globally.  

Get advice and expertise

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With offices located in Europe, USA, India and Taiwan, we are capable of handling global projects with hand-on project management and on-site supports. Our Sales and Technical support team can help with the following:

  • Building or installing a new DeNOx system.
  • Upgrading a DeNOx system.
  • Optimizing an existing DeNOx system.
  • Add or upgrade a reagent Storage

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