What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

DEF is a 32.5 % solution of high-purity, synthetically manufactured urea in de-mineralized water. It is a safe-to-use fluid. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is used in diesel engines with SCR systems to reduce emissions. As the world's largest DEF producer, Yara offers security of supply and reliable quality DEF.

All diesel commercial vehicle equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, since January 1st 2010, comply with the emission standards imposed by the EPA Clean Air Act in North America. 

Yara's DEF product is certified according to ISO 22241 (ISO-22241-1, ISO-22241-2, ISO-22241-3). This international standard protects your vehicle from contamination which could cause serious damage. Using a urea solution of incorrect or low quality that does not follow these standards risks costly repairs.

If you are in Brazil, this product is called ARLA32.

If you are in Europe, this product is called AdBlue®.

Ed Wells
Ed Wells
VP, Environmental Solutions

How does DEF work?

How does DEF work diagram

Vehicles with SCR technology have a separate tank filled with DEF. This is then injected into the exhaust pipe, in front of the SCR catalyst, downstream of the engine. 

Heated in the exhaust, it decomposes into ammonia and CO₂. When the NOx from the engine exhaust reacts inside the catalyst with the ammonia, the harmful NOx molecules in the exhaust are converted to harmless nitrogen and water, which are released from the tail pipe as steam.

Why buy DEF from Yara?

Yara has been a pioneer in this market as since 1993, we have worked to achieve a Diesel Exhaust Fluid ISO standard on the production and distribution of the product setting out specifications to help safeguard consumers from Diesel Exhaust Fluid suppliers of poor quality.

Since 2005 in Europe and 2010 in North America, Yara has worked alongside and guided, thousands of fleets of all sizes in their choice of Diesel Exhaust Fluid and DEF equipment. 

Get help if you need it

Our local sales team offers expertise to help with questions or quotes so you need never run dry of DEF if you are a: 

  • Reseller 
  • Forecourt or service station owner
  • Commercial fleet operator of coaches, trucks or buses

Rely on quality and a secure supply from Yara

You can depend on Yara for a safe supply of DEF as we are market leader with a production capacity of 2,8 Mt of DEF a year - the largest in the world. 

Our DEF is produced from a solution of high-purity, virgin urea. Urea is produced synthetically from ammonia and CO₂ (carbon dioxide), from which Yara's DEF is extracted directly as "hot melt" urea, which uses a different process from fertilizer grade urea. 

This process is quality assured to ensure an exceptionally pure result that meets the stringent specification set out in ISO 22241-1. This means you can rely on the quality and purity of Yara's DEF.

Yara has a network of five DEF production plants around the world to make sure that DEF is always available to you: 

  • Belle Plaine, Canada
  • Sluiskil, Netherlands 
  • Le Havre, France
  • Ferrara, Italy
  • Brunsbüttel, Germany

The largest DEF production capacity in the world

Yara's total production capacity a year is 2.8 million tons. 

This ensures a reliable, continuous supply of high-quality DEF to customers anywhere in the world. 

Our plant in Brunsbüttel Germany, offers overall the world's largest production capacity and has the world's largest storage tank for DEF, with a capacity of 17,500 m³ of DEF quality solution. It serves the North American market with dedicated vessels.

Where can I order DEF?

Yara serves distributors and fleets across all the States and Canadian provinces.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid from Yara is available at 

  • Forecourts of retail gas stations, 
  • Retail outlets
  • Official distributors who also supply fuel, oil and other spare parts for commercial diesel vehicles

If you are a retail gas station, a retail outlet or a distributor and want to order DEF from Yara, please visit your local website.