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To achieve our ambition of Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future, we must transform how we produce and distribute food globally. As part of this, Yara provides farmers and advisors with actionable insights to improve their crop nutrition programs. By analyzing fields, and providing easy-to-follow recommendations, we help farmers increase yields and profits, sustainably.

YaraFX Insight is an agricultural API that connects Yara’s unparalleled crop nutrition expertise with digital platforms already used by farmers. We work with partners to integrate our AgTech capabilities with their digital solutions, using agronomic APIs to provide field-specific advice throughout the crop cycle.

Watch the video below to find out how YaraFX Insight Ag-API works and why it matters.

Farmer using agricultural API on his digital device
Farmer using agricultural API on his digital device



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Our offerings

Our Crop Nutrition Knowledge APIs portfolio are the product of over a century of agronomic knowledge from field trial data and the experience of Yara's 800+ local agronomists around the world. We offer solutions for each stage of the crop cycle, tailored to our partners’ platform needs.

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Crop Nutrition Plan

Our Crop Nutrition plan offers holistic, tailor-made crop nutrition recommendations for each growth stage, based on farm and field data, with relevant product recommendations. This allows growers to optimize yield, crop quality, and nutrient-use efficiency.

Our recommendations consider the full picture of crops’ needs, including micronutrients, application time, and product recommendations.

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Variable Rate Application Maps

Our Variable Rate Application maps help farmers apply nitrogen where it’s needed most.  Drawing on Yara’s expertise and the Optimized Index derived from Yara’s proprietary N-Sensor algorithm, Yara’s VRA maps can help farmers quantify and respond to crop growth differences early and late in the season.

Growers can get a highly accurate fertilizer application strategy for in-field variations and improve the homogeneity of crops.

Biomass Monitoring Maps Image


Biomass Monitoring Maps

Our Biomass Monitoring Maps provide highly accurate, frequently updated biomass imagery using Yara-proprietary vegetation index based on N-Sensor data. This index shows a much higher degree of in-field variability than other indices like NDVI and is also the basis for our VRA maps.

Additionally, Yara’s N-Uptake map show the absolute amount of Nitrogen in e.g. kg/ha that has been taken up by the crop. This allows farmers to remotely monitor their crops, identify underperforming areas in near-real time and prioritize attention to these areas.

On-feild Analysis Image


On-field Analysis

The Yara N-Tester and Photo Analysis tools offer real-time, accurate measurements of nitrogen uptake in crops, based on leaf chlorophyll levels. Farmers can easily translate these measurements into tailor-made, precise recommendations thanks to Yara’s crop nutrition expertise.

Our in-field analysis solutions are highly accurate, helping farmers make optimal nitrogen-rate application decisions for better crop growth, protein content and profitability.


Why partner with us?

By integrating Yara's Crop Nutrition Knowledge APIs, add a whole new value to your current digital platforms with advice, recommendations, and easy-to-use, actionable insights that help farmers create, execute, and measure the performance of crop nutrition programs. A partnership with Yara means you can create deeper customer engagement, access more valuable data, and improve market reach to grow your value on the farm and across the food chain.



Enhanced Digital Portfolio

Enable farmers to boost yield, efficiency, soil health, crop quality, & profitability with our Crop Nutrition AgTech capabilities.


Crop Nutrition Expertise

Deepen & expand your capabilities, with our world-class knowledge in nutrient use efficiency, built on decades of experience & field trials.


Easy-to-integrate Technology

Our customizable agronomic resource can seamlessly integrate with your platform and enhance user experience.

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Global Scale & Reach

We provide value to partners worldwide, thanks to our strong global presence in key regions where top agtech companies operate.

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Supporting a sustainable future with Yara’s Agricultural APIs

Yara focuses on sustainability by providing crop nutrition knowledge APIs that help farmers make informed decisions about precise nitrogen application to their crops for every growth stage. By using these tools, farmers can reduce nutrient losses, and their carbon footprint, while optimizing their crop yield and profitability.

With YaraFX Insight, partners can level up their offering to help grow sustainable farming practices and outcomes, prosperity, and a nature-positive food future for all.

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