Our digital hubs

Digital Hubs are centers of gravity for our efforts.

Our Digital Farming team is centered around four Digital Hubs as competence centers that host our new digital solution teams. The hubs are located in Germany, Brazil, USA and Singapore.

We chose the locations combining proximity to our core markets and to the digital talent, and allowing a global yet tailored innovation.

Our digital hubs are designed as creative spaces fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yara Digital Hubs 2018


Yara Digital Farming Hub employees in Berlin

Berlin is the largest of our hubs, with six of Yara's digital farming products - such as Atfarm and YaraIrix - being developed and maintained by the teams here.

The Berlin hub focuses on digital design and research, product management, agronomy, data science and hardware operations and development.

This European hub also has satellite teams in Varna (Bulgaria), Pocklington (UK) and Oslo (Norway).


Yara Digital Farming Hub employees in Singapore

Singapore's renowned start-up culture and geographical advantage serve as backdrop to our culturally-diverse Singapore hub where we focus on providing solutions for smallholder farmers.

The team consists of AgTech research scientists, software engineers and designers, as well as skilled workers within product management, agronomy, data science and hardware operations and development.

FarmWeather, the first hyperlocal weather app used by farmers across different countries, was developed here.

São Paulo

Yara employees at the Sao Paulo Digital Farming hub

The São Paulo hub sits together with the Yara Brazil office and is strategically chosen to be close to our nearby research centers, like the Sumaré plant.

Our São Paulo team is focused on developing digital farming experiences for both professional and smallholder markets. We have a good distribution of skills - from marketing and commercialization, partnerships team, business experts and agronomists, designers (from the research side up to interface), as well as tech engineers.

San Francisco

Yara Digital Farming Hub employees in San Francisco

San Francisco is the smallest of the four hubs with a very close-knit and diverse team. We are working on software development, product research, and product design along with hydrology and agronomic sciences.

Our team members are based in both our San Francisco office and across the United States.

The San Francisco hub is responsible for Adapt-N, a precision Nitrogen recommendation tool, along with a second application that is currently in development.

Agile way of working

Modern city future technology
Modern city future technology

Fast learning

We have implemented a new way of working within solution teams, that is based on the dynamics of successful digital start-ups, operation within the knowledge pool of our global Yara organization. We call it start-ups in a grown-up.

Agile way of working centers around

  • Fast turnaround of ideas in to concept testing
  • Frequent user testing
  • Bringing an immediate farmer-centric approach 

Fast learning is a key culture we are implementing.

Tailor-made solutions

Our tools, services and solutions are built on a combination of cutting edge technology and Yara´s unique agronomic knowledge. Our developers work closely in markets all around the world to shape our solutions in line with farmers needs and market insights. 

Our purpose is:

  • To collect and interpret data down to square meters of the field
  • Convert the data to tailor-made crop nutrition recommendations suitable for the farm of the future

With our tools we support farmers all over the world to increase yield and reduce environmental impact.

Help us to deliver the tools of the future

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