Crop nutrition solutions

Digital hubs

Our digital hubs

Digital Hubs are centers of gravity for our efforts.

Our Digital Farming team is centered around four Digital Hubs as competence centers that host our new digital solution teams. The hubs are located in Germany, Brazil, USA and Singapore.

We chose the locations combining proximity to our core markets and to the digital talent, and allowing a global yet tailored innovation.

Our digital hubs are designed as creative spaces fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yara´s digital hubs

Agile way of working

We have implemented a new way of working within Solution teams, that is based on the dynamics of successful digital start-ups, operating within the knowledge pool of our global Yara organization.

The agile way of working is centred around fast turnaround of ideas into concepts and frequent user testing, bringing an immediate farmer-centric approach. Fast learning is a key element of the culture we are implementing.

Our digital solutions are built around our strengths, advancing and digitizing agronomic knowledge, tailoring it to the specific farmers’ fields. Solutions include optimization services for the application of N fertilizer based on sensors, digital solutions to optimize broader nutrient planning and application across the season, and platforms that allow a platform to access crop specific knowledge for farmers in our key crops.