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Thryve Innovation CoLab is strategically located in Singapore with access to best-in-class capabilities and digital know-how that are critical to transforming the food system, together. Watch the video below to learn more about Thryve.

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What is Thryve?

Here, innovative solutions are born, tailored specifically for the diverse landscapes and challenges of the Africa & Asia region. 

As the nerve center for commercial model incubation and digital solution development, this hub embodies our commitment to pioneering sustainability in agriculture.

Our initiative marks a bold leap forward, fostering collaboration with public and private stakeholders to tackle pressing issues head-on. The Thryve Innovation CoLab is more than just a physical space - it's a dynamic ecosystem where ideas flourish and partnerships thrive.

At the heart of our mission is the pursuit of profitable sustainability. Through strategic alliances and open innovation, we're crafting scalable solutions that not only drive business growth but also leave a positive imprint on our planet. By leveraging Yara's extensive global expertise and century-old legacy in agronomic research, we're poised to make a meaningful impact on climate and society.

Join us as we pave the way for nature-positive innovation, harnessing the power of science, collaboration, and on-the-ground presence across more than 20 countries in Africa & Asia. Together, let's unlock new frontiers in agriculture and shape a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. 

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Activate knowledge

Thryve, addressing food insecurity and climate impact, emphasizes collaboration for transformative solutions.  

Dedicated to co-innovation, we unite with private and public partners to envision and execute initiatives. Our goal extends beyond food system transformation, aiming for positive outcomes for the planet and communities through concerted efforts. 

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Multiply your impact

Thryve sets its sights beyond digitalizing agriculture to addressing soil health – nourishing nations, sustaining livelihoods, and securing long-term prosperity are critical for a thriving food future.

Collaboration across industries drives Thryve to convert ideas into impactful actions, supporting thriving people, thriving farms, thriving businesses, and a thriving planet. 

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Grow a thriving food future

Thryve accelerates impactful initiatives by providing funding, support, and launch assistance, aiming to magnify our influence across economies and the food system.  

Prioritizing climate neutrality, regenerative agriculture, and farming community prosperity, Thryve aligns with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, advancing global sustainability efforts. 

How can Thryve help address your challenges?


How can Thryve help us solve complex, shared challenges, execute our national strategy, and improve farmer livelihoods? 

Thryve is your collaborator in growing positive impact and prosperity. 

At Thryve, we nurture knowledge, experience, and connections to transform novel ideas into tangible, positive impact. As our partner, you support the growth of new agricultural solutions through co-innovation that answer the urgent need to execute on national strategy to strengthen local food security, farmer livelihoods, and economic stability while decarbonizing for our future. Together, we can multiply our impact so people and communities thrive. 


How can Thryve help us meet our growing challenges and obligations while securing future opportunities? 

Thryve is your collaborator in meeting challenges today and growing a future of opportunity. 

Businesses face a growing number of commitments and targets with little help in achieving and measuring success. With Thryve, you have access to innovative solutions that help your business address consumer demands, comply with regulations, and benefit from new revenue streams. By sharing knowledge, experience, and connections, we can help you develop solutions to measure your progress and multiply your successes, so you and your business can discover new opportunities to thrive in the future. 

Funding partners

How can Thryve help us grow meaningful and sustainable impact in the world? 

Thryve is your collaborator in creating tangible, sustainable impact at scale. 

Thryve and our innovation partners are committed to creating solutions that have a positive impact on society, environment, and our food future. By sharing knowledge, experience, and connections, we can help your investment go farther, faster to sustainably boost food security, progress towards climate neutrality, enhance farmer livelihoods, and support local economies. As a Thryve partner, you have a hand in nurturing innovation that addresses local needs and multiplies your impact, so that people and our planet can thrive. 


How can Thryve help us grow knowledge and data to better understand and have a positive impact on our food future? 

Thryve is your collaborator in multiplying the impact of data and research to grow a thriving food future. 

Thryve is committed to growing and sharing knowledge across the food system, business and universities across Africa and Asia. Our collaborative, data-driven approach to innovation pushes the boundaries of what’s possible by gaining and activating knowledge to advance impact and understanding. As a Thryve partner, you have a role in nurturing a thriving food future for all. 


How can Thryve help us secure the collaboration and resources to activate our ideas at scale? 

Thryve is your collaborator in growing your scale, capabilities, and impact. 

Thryve helps you take ideas from concept to commercialization, connecting you with wider markets, needed funding, and the ability to multiply your impact. Breakthrough to the next level in development by combining your innovative ideas with a partner that offers deep knowledge, global scale, and trusted relationships across the food system. As a Thryve partner, you can deliver on your potential and contribute to a thriving future on farms and beyond. 

Join us on this journey to empower farmers to sustainably feed the world!

Cucumber farmer in Asia

For more information on Thryve at Yara Africa & Asia or for collaboration opportunities, please contact Esther Van de Voort.

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