February 01, 2018

Yara opens world’s largest AdBlue plant

Yara International ASA, the number one producer of AdBlue, opens the world’s largest production capacity in Brunsbüttel, Germany. The new facility has a production capacity of 1.1 million tons of AdBlue per year.

“AdBlue is a fluid used to remove harmful NOx emissions from diesel engines. This project is in line with our mission to protect the planet, and a response to the need for clean air. Yara Brunsbüttel, one of five Yara AdBlue plants worldwide, now has the capacity to remove approximately half a million tons of NOx. This equals the entire NOx emissions from the road transport sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland combined,” says Svein Tore Holsether, President & CEO of Yara.

The new production capacity includes a new deep sea ship loading facility, a fully automated truck loading station operating 24/7 with a digitalized unmanned gate and a 17,500 m3 AdBlue tank. This is the world’s largest storage tank for AdBlue.

Woman filling car tank with AdBlue

"The increased need for AdBlue in the segment of heavy duty vehicles and passenger cars in Europe and the US makes a reliable supply and on-time delivery crucial for our customers. We are committed to answering their needs. The new facilities confirm Yara’s position as the leading and reliable AdBlue supplier,” says Holsether.

The 28 million Euro investment project was executed according to plan, in less than three years, within budget, and with no safety incidents.

“This has been a true collaboration project involving many Yara segments and more than 50 different external companies. The successful completion means that we from Yara Brunsbüttel now can ensure reliable and continuous supply of AdBlue to Europe and the US. Our fully automated and flexible facility means that customers can get whatever volume and concentration, at any time,” says Julia Lindland, Managing Director Yara Brunsbüttel GmbH.

AdBlue is a high quality urea solution that is injected into the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalyst on diesel vehicles and machinery, turning dangerous NOx emissions into harmless water vapor and nitrogen. It allows truck and car drivers to meet the stringent European Union and US restrictions on exhaust gas emissions.

Since 2004, Yara has been at the forefront of the development of AdBlue and its compatibility with SCR technology in automotive vehicles. As the world’s largest producer of AdBlue, Yara can ensure product quality, guaranteed sourcing, and reliable distribution through a large number of production plants and terminals on a global scale.