February 16, 2015

Fighting emissions – Yara has big plans!

Yara has taken on the challenge of battling harmful emissions on land and at sea. Yara’s products and services have helped customers reduce more than one million tons of NOx emissions in 2014. We won’t stop here. Read about our exciting plans for the future.
Quaint farmlands
Quaint farmlands

In Part 3 of our series of articles focusing on Yara’s emissions to air (E2A), Stefano Bartoletti, Yara’s Technical & Innovation Manager for Industrial Solutions, focuses on the prospects for this promising business area that has become form a cornerstone in Yara’s business model. Let Stefano tell you about our plans for the future!

How does Yara’s E2A technology benefit society and the environment?

The E2A platform establishes Yara as a full-service emissions control solution provider. Our technology helps reduce the emissions of harmful NOx and SOx gases that are formed during the combustion process in cars, trucks, industrial plants and ships. These gases are at the origin of a variety of health problems, including asthma, and cause acid rain. We turn these harmful emissions into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. Depending on the technology used we can reduce these exhausts by up to 99 percent.

Yara is the only company supplying a comprehensive air cleansing solution: cleansing technology, chemical reagents, and aftermarket services. Our solutions build on decades of expertise in emission control agents as well as technical knowhow. Last year, we helped our customers cleanse a total of 1.1 million tons of NOx emissions, which is the size of the total emissions in France. Our aim is to increase that number to 1.3 million this year.

What are the future growth prospects for E2A?

Stefano BartolettiE2A is a legislation driven business. As awareness increases about the negative effects of NOx and SOx gases, legislation will become even stringent within the next three to five years and countries such as China and India will follow the lead taken by Europe and the U.S. Owners of industrial plants, vehicles and ships will have to install emission control technologies to comply with stricter regulations. This is a powerful business driver. Given these developments there is a huge market for Yara’s cost-efficient E2A technologies.

We target to grow our Technology and Service Sales to more than USD 500 million within the next years with a combination of strong organic growth and targeted acquisitions. In addition to selling technology (equipment) Yara will also sell our ammonia and urea product to many of these customers that they need to operate their system.

What are the next steps?

Now that we strengthened our market footprint by completing our portfolio for NOx solutions (plants, vehicles and ships) and by adding marine SOx solutions to our E2A platform, the ambition of our E2A platform is to make Yara a total solution provider for a wider range of harmful emissions.

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