Yara podcasts

Yara, in cooperation with Zero, has created these podcasts where you can learn how Yara works towards a greener fertilizer production utilizing renewable energy sources and how green ammonia can facilitate the transition towards a low carbon society.

Episode 1: Decarbonizing the food value chain

Yara believes that collaboration across sectors is essential to address the climate crisis and find the solutions the world needs. In this podcast you can learn how Yara works towards a climate neutral fertilizer production utilizing renewable energy sources and how end-consumers and companies along the food value chain are essential to make the low carbon society a reality. Anne Marit Post Melby, Head of Expertise Industry in ZERO talks to Sam Van Den Broeck, VP Decarbonize Yara.

Episode 2: New use of ammonia

Have you heard about green ammonia? If not, listen up. Ammonia can facilitate a low carbon future. But what is green ammonia, how can it be utilized by other sectors, and what role can it play in the low carbon society? In this podcast you can learn how Yara, the Crop Nutrition Company for the Future, explores the possibilities of green ammonia to facilitate their ambition of becoming climate neutral by 2050. Liv-Elisif Kalland, advisor on transport and hydrogen in ZERO talks to Rob Stevens, Head of Decarbonize Technology Scouting in Yara.

Guest podcast appearances

Yara has established a unique position as the industry's only global crop nutrition company, and as such we have been invited to participate as guests in podcasts to talk about topics that range from sustainability, agriculture and innovation. Listen to some of them below:

How do we fix the food system in due time?

Sustainability champions Erna Solberg, Paul Polman and Svein Tore Holsether tackled some of the most pressing issues of our time, including food, climate and war on the latest Polyteknisk Forening #PolyPod.

The energy crisis is also a food crisis

Those who are already hardest hit by crises are also hardest hit by rising food prices. In the short term, the world community must respond immediately with aid. In the longer term, we must provide more food for a growing population, at the same time as we reduce emissions, says Yara's CEO, Svein Tore Holsether. (NB only available in Norwegian)

Nordic FoodTech: On green fertilizer, carbon sequestration and precision agriculture

In this Nordic FoodTech podcast, founder Analisa Winther sat down with Yara's EVP Farming Solutions Terje Knutsen and discussed green fertilizer, the hydrogen economy, soil carbon sequestration, and precision agriculture.

The future of business: Risk sharing in developing countries

The poorest developing countries receive aid but want investments. However, a new report finds that only a very small percentage of Norwegian foreign direct investments go to the poorest countries. Director of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and Yara’s Pablo Barrera Lopez discuss why. (NB only available in Norwegian)

Polypod: Back to the future

In this episode, Terje Knutsen, EVP Farming Solutions in Yara, talk to Mette Vågnes Eriksen, Secretary General of Polyteknisk Forening about the potential for green ammonia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in both agriculture and shipping. You get concrete examples of pilots internationally and in Norway, including the signal project with Nel to develop green hydrogen and green ammonia at Herøya in Norway, which could remove 1 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year. We can reveal that the company’s green future takes us back to the origins of Yara (NB only available in Norwegian).

Polypod: From plant to platform

What makes companies succeed in building new digital services and business models based on existing products and positions? Terje Knutsen, EVP, Farming Solutions in Yara, talk to Mette Vågnes Eriksen, Secretary General of Polyteknisk Forening about Yara's journey from fertilizer plant to digital farming platform. You will hear about concrete digital solutions that already help millions of farmers globally, and how partnerships can improve and strengthen value chains and contribute to fast scaling (NB only available in Norwegian).

First Cast: Green slogans must be replaced by hard actions

New reports agree: Norwegian companies are bad at sustainability reporting. Why should the responsibility for ESG reporting lie with the CFO? Is it financially viable to invest sustainably? And what exactly is the EU taxonomy and how will it affect Norwegian companies? Yara’s CFO Lars Røsæg joins Maria Gjølberg from The Governance Group and Anders Olstad, CFO in Entra in this podcast episode from First House about the future of sustainability reporting and sustainable businesses (NB only available in Norwegian).