Solutions and tools for modern farming

Yara provides not only crop nutrition, but also solutions and tools for modern farming.

These allow the farmer to increase yields, while securing sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint. Sustainable agriculture requires the best farming practices possible to be applied. Yara’s aim is to increase productivity and maximize farm profitability, while minimizing environmental harm. Modern agriculture is based on scientific knowledge, but farmers also need improved management practices. Yara combines the best from both worlds by offering digital solutions that allow resources to be used more efficiently, while maintaining or increasing yields and decreasing harm to the environment.

Yara’s mantra in fertilizer application is to add the specific nutrients needed for the crop, in exactly the right amount, at the right time. A key concern is that too much nutrient – more than the plants can take up – is wasting money and harming nature.


We offer our comprehensive knowledge to farmers, which is tailored to local growing conditions and specific crops. Our Crop Nutrition Concept is center stage in our knowledge platform, supported by tools for precision farming.  These allow fertilizers and nutrients to be used more efficiently so that the crop yield and quality can be maximized whilst still keeping costs in check, avoiding over-fertilization, and protecting the environment. Some of our precision farming tools include:

The N-Sensor is a tractor-mounted tool that allows growers to measure a crop’s nitrogen requirement as it passes across the field, and to vary the fertilizer application rate accordingly. It ensures that the optimal rate of fertilizer is applied at each individual part of the field.

The N-Tester is a hand-held device that measures the nitrogen status of a crop from the chlorophyll content of its leaves. Based on the measurements, an agronomist can evaluate the nitrogen needed to meet target yields, and adjust fertilizer use accordingly.

Yara also offers a range of analytical services to ensure that all crop nutrition decisions are accurate, efficient, cost-effective and responsible.

One of these services, Megalab, is an internet-based, secure system offering interpretation and biometric data services from agricultural analysis. When a sample is entered into the system, a comparison is made with the guideline level and an interpretation and recommendation is given. 


Yara also offers a range of programs and tools for smart devices, such as smartphone apps, to assist fertilizer management and maximize crop performance. The tools give farmers a means of fine-tuning application rates according to local conditions, allowing for more effective use of crop nutrients, as well as lower costs and minimum adverse effects on the environment. Our app solutions include:

DiscoverIT is a smartphone app that lets the user quickly find information about, and advice on, Yara fertilzers and crop programmes.

ImageIT is an app that determines the nitrogen status of a crop from images taken with a standard smartphone.

CheckIT is a smartphone app using a library of crop photographs to give a simple and fast identification of nutrient deficiencies.

TankmixIT is a smartphone app used to check for the physical compatibility when tank mixing Yara crop nutrition products with plant protection products. is an online service providing advice on the physical mixing characteristics of Yara’s foliar products with agrochemicals. The YaraVita foliar products are rarely sprayed alone, and therefore our unique tank mix service provides users with valuable information.