SCR technology for reducing NOx emissions

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is a method used to reduce the level of nitrogen oxides (NOx) with the help of a catalyst.

SCR technology can achieve 98% NOx reduction in combustion processes and can meet stricter incoming legislation. It is the optimum NOx control system used by environment-friendly power plants and industrial applications that have to meet stringent environmental controls. 

Why choose SCR? 

With SCR technology:

  • The temperature of the flue gas is much lower than in SNCR systems
  • NOx reduction is up to 98% 
  • A catalyst is needed to reduce nitrogen oxides with the help of a reducing agent (Anhydrous Ammonia, Ammonia Solution, Urea Solution)

NOx and ammonia enter the catalyst, causing the NOx to react with the ammonia to produce elemental nitrogen and water. 

Spare parts services for SCR systems

To ensure a good service for customers, we keep a stock of standard consumables and spare parts for your hybrid system.

Ordering direct from Yara ensures you receive the correct component, compatible with your SCR system, delivered quickly and efficiently.

You can also choose a spare part package that provides you with the expected yearly consumption of "normal wear and tear" components, ensuring even faster and easier access to your necessary parts.

NOx control reagent storage solutions for SCR systems

If you need a storage solution for your NOx reduction reagents (Ammonia, Ammonia Solution and Urea Solution) needs we can help. It can form part of your SCR installation, or be a stand-alone storage tank solution. We can offer you design, build and upgrade of storage solutions as required.

You can also get an optimization assessment of your current reagent usage, as part of our service offer. If your reagent situation changes, we can recommend and deliver, standardized or customized, NOx reduction reagent storage solutions and internal site distribution solutions, to your NOx control installations.

NOx reduction reagent storage services include

  • Upgrades to larger storage capacity
  • Converting from one reagent solution to another (e.g. anhydrous ammonia to ammonia solution)
  • Re-piping of site reagent supply system
  • On-site dissolving (urea) or dilution installations 

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SNCR system for exhaust gas treatment

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