February 16, 2022

Orbia receives contribution from Yara and takes another step in their plan to expand

São Paulo, February 16, 2022 – Brazil’s largest agribusiness marketplace, announces their new shareholder structure after approval by CADE. The new financial contributor is Yara, a leading crop nutrition company that is now minority shareholder of the company with 14% of their shares. With this new structure, Bayer and Bravium reduce their shareholding in equal proportion, now owning 68.8% and 17.2% of the shares, respectively. All three companies will have seats in Orbia’s Board of Directors which will operate independently.
Digital farmer in a field
Digital farmer in a field

• The leading crop nutrition company is now minority shareholder of the Orbia marketplace, holding 14% of their shares.
• In addition to the portfolio of products sold via Orbia, Yara will be able to expand its loyalty program that was recently launched on the platform.

“Yara’s entry in our corporate structure strengthens our plans to expand and to become the farmers’ main digital partner. This is another major step towards Field Digitalization, a movement that has gained traction over the last two years. And Orbia has been the leading thread that connects all agribusiness players in one single environment,” explained Ivan Moreno, CEO of Orbia. “We have grown year after year with results that exceeded our expectations. And, with Yara’s arrival, we consolidate our purpose even more to offer complete solutions for the entire farmers’ work cycle, from the planting to selling their production,” he said.

In addition to holding shares, Yara joins as a partner in Loyalty, the reward program for fertilizers in Brazil which gives points to customers who choose their products. The fertilizer category is quite relevant in the producer’s shopping cart, so the synergy between pesticides and seeds, fertilizers and all the other partners allow the customers to collect even more points while providing more benefits and adding value to their business.

Yara found in Orbia an innovative business model that proves a strong synergy with their recently announced digitalization strategy based on their focus on the customer experience and the goal to achieve 25% of their total product sales in Brazil via digital platforms, such as e-commerce and marketplaces by 2025. “We strive to contribute to a future food production that is positive for the climate and carbon neutral, and we understand that besides offering the best crop nutrition solutions, this also involves access to them. To make our portfolio available on several different channels is to ensure that it reaches the field in the most appropriate manner for each customer profile. Sustainability and digitalization go hand in hand, and to incorporate a platform such as Orbia is certainly a clear opportunity for us to contribute even more to the transformation of the agribusiness and the entire food value chain,” said Cleiton Vargas, Vice-President of Farming Solutions for Yara Americas.

According to Luis Offa, Latam Marketing Director of Bayer’s agricultural division and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Orbia: “The platform was designed to be a transforming experience throughout the farmers’ journey within the digital universe, and to do that, we need to expand our partnerships and offer a range of products and services that make their interaction pleasant and agile, providing the best purchasing experience to farmers.”

For Offa, Yara will offer a considerable portfolio that will complement the solutions that the platform’s customer seek. “For Bayer, Orbia is one of the most important digital tools today. We understand that to take the driving seat in the agribusiness’ digital transformation, we need to join with different players; this is what we call co-creation for innovation,” he explained.

“Our perception is that with Yara’s arrival, the digital transformation of the producer’s journey is increasingly consolidating in the platform’s idea of one stop shop, turning the marketplace and Orbia’s joint loyalty program into ultimate solutions within the farmers’ strategy,” concluded Ricardo Garcias, Co-Founder of Bravium.

The new corporate structure will take effect after the completion of the CADE procedure.

About Orbia

Orbia is the platform for everything around Agribusiness and has become Brazil’s main marketplace for agriculture, with over 240 distributors and nationwide coverage for supplies such as pesticides, seeds and fertilizers. It connects farmers through a network and streamlines their processes, as it is the only company that offers well-integrated benefits with a reward program and an online purchase and sales tool for agricultural supplies and commodities. Orbia has the largest loyalty program of the Brazilian agribusiness and has approximately 190,000 registered users and partners that are market leaders in their segment, such as Bayer (pesticides), Yara (fertilizers), Boehringer-Ingelheim (animal healthcare) and Bunge (grain origination). For more information, go to: www.orbia.ag

About Yara

Yara, global leader in crop nutrition, cultivates knowledge to feed the world and protect our planet in a responsible way. To fulfill these commitments, they develop digital agricultural tools for Precision Agriculture and work closely with their partners across the entire food value chain. Founded in Norway in 1905 to solve the then emerging hunger crisis in Europe, Yara is currently present around the world, with over 17,000 employees and operating in more than 60 countries with a common goal: to be the crop nutrition company of the future. In Brazil, Yara is present in all main agricultural hubs - they have 5 fertilizer production units and blending units across more than 20 cities. With 6,200 employees, the company seeks to develop sustainable crop nutrition solutions for all producer and crop profiles while driving agricultural growth and the country’s leading position in the challenge to feed a growing world population. Since establishing itself in Brazil in the 1970’s, Yara has been working to stimulate the domestic fertilizer production to reduce the farmers’ dependence on raw material imports and, as a consequence, the final price for supplies. The company also offers industrial solutions to reduce pollutants and improve the cities’ air quality. For more information, go to: www.yarabrasil.com.br

About Bayer

Bayer is a global corporation focused on Life Science in Healthcare and Nutrition. Their products and services are being developed to help the planet and the people to evolve by supporting the efforts to face the great challenges arising from a growing and ageing world population. Bayer commits with their business to drive sustainable development and generate a positive impact. At the same time, the Group aims to increase their profitability and add value through innovation and growth. The Bayer Trademark stands for trust, reliability and quality around the world. In the fiscal year 2020, the Group had approximately 100,000 employees and reported € 41.4 billion in sales. Their expense with Research & Development reached € 4.9 billion. For more information, go to: www.bayer.com

About Bravium

Founded in 2007 and operating in 8 countries in Latin America, Bravium is a Technology Company whose platform integrates several solutions for marketplaces, loyalty programs, digital go to market and full commerce, allowing companies to implement their digital transformation strategies and enable new ecosystems. Bravium also offers tailor-made additional services for their platform aiming to incorporate the different stakeholders of the value chains and drive engagement with performance. Some of their service offerings are: marketplace platforms, e-commerce operations, reward programs with points and cashback, incentive platforms, solutions for digital go to market, business analytics and marketing and loyalty consulting. For more information, go to: www.bravium.com.br