September 10, 2021

Yara among top performers in sustainability reporting

A new report from The Governance Group evaluates and ranks the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting of the 100 largest companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange. With its first fully integrated annual report, Yara is among the top performers with an A score.
Annual Report
Annual Report

The report does not examine the sustainability of the companies’ business models, but their reporting on ESG indicators. 

“Companies with high ESG performance are believed to be better positioned to anticipate future risks and opportunities, and in Yara we integrate sustainability into how we make business decisions and how we measure and report success.”

Vice President Sustainability Governance in Yara, Bernhard Stormyr


Our annual reporting reflects the way we manage our performance – holistically. Hence, our annual reporting for 2020 consisted of an Integrated report, putting non-financial reporting on an equal footing with financial reporting, and a comprehensive Sustainability report.

Being ranked in third place, Yara will continue to improve its sustainability reporting, aiming for excellence and transparency.

Download the full report (in Norwegian and English) from the Governance Group website.