June 25, 2020

Yara partners with Boost Biomes in joint development agreement

Norway, June 25, 2020 – Yara and US-based startup Boost Biomes today announced a joint development agreement between the two companies.

Yara is investing USD 3 million in Boost, and Erkki Aaltonen, Director of Venture Investments at Yara, will join its board of directors. With this partnership in place, Boost and Yara will expand current efforts to co-develop a new product to enhance crops’ rate of nutrient uptake from the soil, enabling farmers to increase yields with fewer inputs, saving cost and reducing environmental impact.

“We are excited to collaborate with, and invest in, Boost Biomes as part of Yara’s focus on innovative microbial approaches within our crop nutrition solutions. A key priority for farmers is efficient and effective use of fertilizers. Boost’s technology has the promise to unlock new means to enhance crops’ nutrient uptake . This partnership underlines Yara’s commitment to further developing our biostimulant product range under the BIOTRYG platform, as part of our strategy to promote sustainable farming practices,” said Joacim Christiansen, SVP, Yara Farming Solutions.

Jamie Bacher, Boost Biomes’ CEO and cofounder, said, “We are putting Boost’s platform technology to work.  Yara’s evaluation of our technology, and the resulting joint program, further validates that our platform generates a unique data set that can be exploited for many diverse microbiome applications in food and agriculture.  While Boost develops products internally, we are also ready to work with partners on novel microbiome applications.  We look forward to working closely with the team at Yara to develop novel products for farmers, to address their most pressing challenges.”

Boost technology enables an advanced understanding of microbial interactions, which Boost uses to engineer novel microbial products that expand the range options to improve crop yield and quality.   Furthermore, Boost is using its technology to develop products that prevent post-harvest diseases and improve produce safety.

About Boost Biomes, Inc.

Boost Biomes is developing new products to address critical needs in food and agriculture, to increase crop yields and reduce post-harvest waste.  Underlying the products is a proprietary microbiome technology platform that enables Boost a unique understanding of interactions within microbiomes, leading to superior products that are effective, safe, organic and natural. For more information, visit http://boostbiomes.com/