September 07, 2020

Yara gets top score for sustainability reporting

A new report from The Governance Group examines the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting of the 100 largest companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange. With its first step towards integrated annual reporting, Yara takes a shared first place.
Woman in grape field with tablet
Woman in grape field with tablet

The report does not examine the sustainability of the companies’ business models, but their reporting on ESG indicators. However, Yara believes transparency in sustainability reporting is an important step towards building sustainable business models.

“The finance functions in Norwegian companies have a great responsibility to increase awareness of non-financial matters.”

Chief Financial Officer in Yara, Lars Røsæg.

In Yara, the finance function has begun the process of getting non-financial reporting on an equal footing with financial reporting. This work is closely monitored up by the Board through the Board's combined Audit and Sustainability committee. At the same time, in the annual report for 2019 (.pdf, 6 MB) we began the journey towards a fully integrated annual report.

“Shareholder values are safer and performance will improve when diversity, human rights and environmental consideration form an integral part of a company’s strategy and management.” says CFO Lars Røsæg.

Download the full report (in Norwegian and English) in The Governance Group website