November 25, 2020

Yara concerned over Belarus situation

Yara respects international human rights, freedom of expression and the right to participate in free elections.

We endorse the UN's guiding principles on business and human rights, and we recognize and respect workers' rights, including the right to organize and the right to strike.

We have a clear expectation that our business partners follow our ethical guidelines (as outlined in our Business Partner Code of Conduct) and that they comply with laws and regulations, as well as internationally recognized standards for human rights, employee rights and ethical business conduct.

Yara buys potash sourced from JSC Belaruskali through the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) in Belarus, one of nine countries from which Yara sources potash. Yara monitors developments in Belarus closely and continuously assesses potential impacts on its business, the situation for BPC and Belaruskali employees, Yara’s business partner relations, and the general conditions in Belarus.

Yara continues to purchase potash from BPC and Belaruskali. Over the past months, we have engaged in a frequent dialogue with Belaruskali management where we have expressed concern about workers’ rights and the well-being of the workforce. We still believe in dialogue as a tool for improvement, but we are increasingly concerned about the situation, also given the deteriorating political and security situation in the country. In September Yara management and our corporate employee representative traveled to Belarus to meet with Belaruskali management and unions. Additional physical meetings have since not been possible due to the pandemic.