March 30, 2017

Norwegian Prime Minister presents new Industry ‘green paper’ at Yara Porsgunn

Thursday 30 March is an important day for Norwegian industry, as the Government’s Industry green paper will be presented by the Prime Minister and the Minister for Trade and Industry at Yara Technology Center in Porsgrunn.
Erna Solberg and Monica Mæland at Yara Porsgrunn plant
Erna Solberg and Monica Mæland at Yara Porsgrunn plant

The industry green paper is the main strategy document for the Norwegian industrial sector for the next decades, giving direction in an era of radical transformation due to climate change, new environmental policies, improved production methods and technology disruptions.

Since early last century, there has been industrial activity at the Herøya peninsula, just outside the city of Porsgrunn. Easy access to open seas for both loading of raw materials at plant site – as well as the possibility to ship finished products off to sea and foreign shores, makes Herøya an ideal location for a global company such as Yara.

On Thursday 30 March, the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg, and the Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland, will visit Herøya to learn more about operations and innovation at Yara. The presentation of the Industry green paper will take place in front of the NPK-pilot in Yara Technology Center and will be followed by a tour of the plant.

This is the first Industry green paper to be presented since 1981. A renewed strategy to drive sustainable and responsible growth has been long anticipated, and the presentation is therefore expected to create great interest among a range of stakeholders both locally and nationally.

Watch the presentation here (External link, Norwegian only)