October 12, 2017

Great coffee - great yield

As more and more people fall in love with the sensory experience of drinking coffee, demand for coffee beans is booming. This puts pressure on the earth’s resources and raises an important question: how can coffee farmers boost production without compromising on quality or destroying tropical forests? The answer is simple: fertilizer.

Watch the video above to learn how Colombian coffee growers and Yara agronomists are working together to increase coffee production and quality in a sustainable way by applying the right fertilizer, in the right amount, at the right time.

Giving the soil the nutrients it needs to produce more and better produce - that is what fertilizer is all about. As Diego Luis Moncada, a coffee farmer featured in the video says: “The soil always talks to us. We only need to pay attention.”

Through R&D, partnerships and field experts, Yara works systematically with farmers to identify the nutritional deficits of the soil to increase yields and improved quality, while at the same time limiting the negative environmental impact.

Coffee infographic

 Two alarming reports have been released last year. In the Conservation International report “Coffee in the 21st century – Will climate change and increased demand lead to new deforestation” scientist are highlighting that approximately 60 percent of the area suitable for coffee production is covered by natural forest. This lead Huffington Post to report that “our coffee addiction could destroy earth’s tropical forests.”

A few weeks later The Independent reported on the Royal Botanic Gardens KEW report “State of the world’s plants ”, saying “coffee could be 'drastically affected' by climate change by end of century.”

A more sustainable approach to growing coffee will not only increase yields for farmers but it will also make your cup of coffee more climate friendly.