November 02, 2016

Three Yara employees publish book on productivity

The book, titled Leading Beyond Lean – the seven drivers of productivity, describes a holistic productivity system. Using practical examples from Yara sites all around the world, the book explains how to make lasting improvements to safety and productivity. It’s out now on Amazon.
Productivity book authors
Productivity book authors

Four years ago the three authors, Petter Østbø, Head of Production, Robin Cattermole Head of Global Supply Chain Planning and Optimization and Mark Wetherill, Productivity Manager, set out to write a book unlike any other on Lean methodology (external link).

“Most Lean books are academic and theoretical,” says Østbø. “Our book, on the other hand, focuses on how to put those tools into practice. To illustrate, we used concrete examples, primarily from Pocklington but also other Yara blenders, terminals and some of the so-called small sites.”

Petter, Robin and Mark believe the reason lean methodology often fails in practice is due to initiatives only addressing one aspect of a much more complex problem.

According to them a more holistic approach is needed, using all of what they call the ‘seven elements’: safety, employee development, business planning, capital spending, performance management, quality and lean work.

“By applying the seven elements together, small or large sites can achieve lasting safety and productivity gains,” says Petter.

A book for anyone interested in learning about productivity

They set out to write the book for three reasons, according to Østbø: “To help structure our own thoughts on what was then called the “small site productivity system”, to put our methods into writing so that others could learn from our experiences, and to show people that Yara has knowledge and is a great place to work,” he says.

Although the book is aimed at those working on industrial sites, Petter says it’s relevant for anyone interested in learning about productivity.

“If you want to achieve greater productivity, this book will help you get there,” it promises on the first page. You can find the book on