April 20, 2015

Yara Prize celebrates 10-year anniversary

The Yara Prize, which was launched in 2005, celebrates a decade of recognizing outstanding contributions to African agriculture. The nomination process for this year’s prize is now open. You can also watch a video featuring last year’s laureate.

In 2015, the Yara Prize will have a special focus on youth, women and agribusiness in Africa. The prize will also strongly consider those individuals who have contributed towards catalyzing transformational change in support of an African Green Revolution.

In response to former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s call for an African Green Revolution in 2004, Yara launched its prize a year later. The Yara Prize aims at celebrating significant achievements related to food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture with a transformative power. In a genuinely African Green Revolution – the small-scale farmer has a key role.

The nomination process for the 2015 Yara Prize is now open. All nominations and supporting documentation must be sent in by June 19, 2015. Read more about the process here.

“The time for making promises is over. It is time to act!”

Watch the video above featuring last year’s laureate: Professor Tekalign Mamo Assefa, who was awarded the Yara Prize for his endeavored to improve the livelihoods of Ethiopian farmers, leveraging his scientific knowledge and exhibiting leadership. Find more information about previous laureates.

The Yara Prize for a Green Revolution in Africa recognizes significant contributions to the reduction of hunger and poverty in Africa. The Prize honors endeavors that increase food productivity, security or availability through improvements in food systems, advancements in sustainable agriculture and development of local markets – and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Yara Prize was awarded annually in the years 2005–2009 and reinstituted in 2012 in connection with the African Green Revolution Forum in Arusha, Tanzania. The laureates represent a diverse range of African society engaged in the African Green Revolution: entrepreneurs and scientists, activists and organizers, businessmen and politicians.

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