March 25, 2015

Yara Brunsbüttel wins the IFA Green Leaf Award

Yara is proud to announce that our colleagues at Yara Brunsbüttel, Germany, have received the IFA Green Leaf Award 2015 for outstanding performance in safety, health and environment.
IFA Green Leaf Award 2015 for Yara Brunsbüttel
IFA Green Leaf Award 2015 for Yara Brunsbüttel

“Winning the IFA Green Leaf Award is a fantastic achievement and an acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication of all the employees at Yara Brunsbüttel,” says Jan-Petter Fossum, Head of Yara HESQ. “The prize is well-deserved and should be an inspiration to others,” he adds. The award was presented to former Brunsbüttel plant manager, Jacky de Letter, and production manager Sven Kohnke, at the IFA Global Safety Summit in Vancouver, Canada, on March 24th, 2015.

The Green Leaf Award was established by the IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association) in 2009. Yara is the only company to win the award twice. This year’s application was based on a recent environmental project that allows Yara’s Brunsbüttel plant to run either on heavy fuel oil or natural gas, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) dramatically. Total emissions reductions achieved: 30% CO2, 70% SO2, and 90% NOx.

Brunsbüttel produces ammonia and urea. The 224 employees and 29 apprentices at the plant work consistently to put Yara’s core values of Ambition, Trust, Accountability and Teamwork into action. Safety is Yara’s top priority. “Zero accidents” is the ultimate goal.

Watch the video above and learn how dedication and teamwork helped Yara Brunsbüttel improve the efficiency, quality and reliability of its operations, while minimizing safety risks, environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions.

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