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July 29, 2015

Who is the world’s smartest chemistry student?

The 47th International Chemistry Olympiad gathered 300 young chemists from 75 countries in Baku, Azerbaijan, this month. “Our team” – Team Netherlands – fought fiercely and scored two bronze medals. Congratulations! Gefeliciteerd!
Chemistry students Team Netherlands
Chemistry students Team Netherlands

Four happy chemists; from the right: Geert Schulpen, Marit Fiechter, Joris Gerlagh, Ruben La

Back in June, Yara Sluiskil in the Netherlands coached 20 brilliant students in their final round of the Dutch National Chemistry Olympiad. The students received advanced lectures in chemistry, an introduction to various sustainability-related topics and practical training in Yara’s modern lab facilities to prepare them for the final examination.

Four brilliant contestants – Ruben La, Joris Gerlagh, Geert Schulpen and Marit Fiechter – went on to represent their country in the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad, held in Baku on July 23-29. The Dutch team performed admirably, with Marit and Geert each winning a bronze medal. The overall winner of the Olympiad was Yifu Ouyang from China.

See the full list of results here (external link). For more pictures from the ceremony, check out the Dutch Chemistry Olympiad Facebook site (Dutch only).

“We congratulate the Dutch team on their great result,” says Yara Sluiskil plant manager Jon Sletten. “All of us at Yara Sluiskil are proud to have organized the national contest and wish the participants all the best for the future.”

The contestants took a practical exam on July 23 and a theoretical test on July 25. Each exam contained several tasks that required original and non-standard approaches and lasted for about five hours. An international jury, which was comprised of two representatives from each participating country, reviewed the exams. The winners were announced at the closing ceremony of the Olympiad on July 28.

The Dutch team can be very proud of its results! Maybe one of them will join us at Yara one day!