January 07, 2015

Supporting agricultural growth in Ghana

In Ghana there are many stakeholders in the agricultural value chain – supporting these groups is key to create farmer profitability and sustainability.
Happy farmers
Happy farmers

Supporting farming communities

Africa holds the world’s greatest potential for agricultural output in the years to come and the continent will be decisive in feeding a growing global population. To help get there, Yara has committed to taking part in the development of viable agricultural sectors in several African countries, most prominently in Tanzania and Ghana. In Ghana, Yara has a strong footprint and enjoys a sound cooperation with local farmers that has lasted for several years.

"Through focused stakeholder management, Yara can create significant competitive edge in our strategic markets," explains James Craske, Marketing Director in Yara Africa. "This strong support to the farming communities through different communication channels is an area of increasing interest in Africa and one where there is potential for farmer value creation."

Yara Ghana sponsored ‘Farmer's Day 2014’, held on 5th December, with a cheque for GHC 10,000 and 500 bags of fertilizer products in support of the continued improvement in agricultural efficiency in Ghana.

Receiving the cheque on behalf of the Ministry for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Ms. Sherry Ayitey thanked Yara Ghana for its continuous support of the National Farmers Day Celebration, and called on other corporations to follow suit.

Sharing knowledge in Ghana

Ghana Country Manager Jorgen Rostrup pointed out that Yara has supported the event for many years, in order to help hard working farmers and their communities.

"Yara Ghana was here this year too, to reiterate our commitment to the cause of supporting the Ministry and agriculture in Ghana generally," Jorgen says, adding, "to put it another way; we are here continuously to help Ghana grow."

Jorgen said Yara Ghana will continue to develop and deepen this partnership in the coming years and provide support for the sector in Ghana in every way possible.

"We will also continue to provide our quality crop nutrition solutions, as well as share knowledge acquired through our research activities around the world, to support the farming community in Ghana," he says.

"Being a key supporter of farmer events like this one shows a commitment to agricultural development, and provides an excellent forum for the Yara Crop Nutrition story for increased farmer profitability."