July 21, 2015

Growing local strawberry business

Just outside Oslo – Strawberry farmer Simen Myhrene runs his farm where he grows 50 hectares of strawberries. He employs years of experience to acquire the quality he needs to not only grow his crops, but also to grow his business.

Norwegian strawberries are among the best you can get. Warm summer days, combined with cold nights, make for the sweet taste of summer and holidays. Whether you prefer them with cream & sugar, ice cream or simply á la nature – it is all up to you. What Simen Myhrene cares about, is getting the strawberries directly to the consumers as soon as they are picked off the plants.

However, growing strawberries does not come without challenges. “When we first started to grow a strawberry called Sonata, we had several years of bad crops – a deficiency of iron in the plants. Together with Yara we discussed how we could meet this deficiency,” Simen says. In this video, Simen gives his account on how the problem was solved.

In Yara, we believe in sharing knowledge to help grow local business. Through our network of agronomists – more than 600 in total worldwide – we share our expert agronomic advice with local farmers to help them achieve better crops, larger yields and to be run more profitable businesses.

This video is only one example of how we interact with farmers, sharing our crop knowledge – because it is true - Knowledge Grows!