May 20, 2015

Galvani – Becoming a Yara family member

In Brazil, it is a tradition to hand out sweets at weddings. It was only natural for us to do the same when Galvani joined the Yara family last year. The partnership has proved very successful.
Galvani becoming part of Yara
Galvani becoming part of Yara

Following the acquisition of Bunge's fertilizer assets in Brazil in 2013, Yara acquired 60% of phosphate producer Galvani last year, taking a significant step towards consolidating our leadership position in the world’s fastest growing agricultural region.

"The integration is progressing very well. It has been a constructive learning experience for both parties and we are moving closer and closer to becoming a unified team,” says Lieven Cooreman, President of Galvani.

“I would like to highlight the rapid integration of Yara’s Ethics and Compliance principles and also how enthusiastically Galvani employees embraced Yara’s Safe by Choice Program. This enhances trust when Yara sees an effective integration process and positive alignment and reinforcement of values between both companies,” adds Cooreman.

An agricultural superpower

Brazil is a leading food producer and the fastest growing fertilizer market globally. It is also Yara’s single largest market – we provide more than 40,000 farmers with 8 million tons of fertilizer a year! Being the world’s third-largest food exporter, Brazil will be critical in the coming decades as we face the colossal challenge of feeding a world population.

“The partnership with Galvani will significantly increase our combined production and distribution capacity, allowing us to meet the growing demand for fertilizers in Brazil, especially for soybean, corn and cotton crops," says Lair Hanzen, Business Unit Manager Brazil.

Brazil has around 329 million hectares of arable land, a climate with regular rainfall, abundant solar energy and almost 12% of all surface water available on the planet.

It has always been Yara’s strategic ambition to become the market leader in Brazil. About one third of all Yara employees – more than 3,000 – are now based in Brazil, which accounts for more than a quarter of Yara’s mineral fertilizer sales.

Building a future together

The joint venture between the two companies will increase Galvani´s phosphate production from current 1 million tons to 3 million tons a year, especially with the conclusion of two greenfield projects (Serra do Salitre , Santa Quitéria) and one brownfield (Angico dos Dias) over the next five years. Forecasts estimate that total synergies arising from the merger are 3 million U.S. dollars in the first year.

Neighbors of all Galvani plants understand that the joint venture entails environment benefits, because they recognize that Yara offers a wide range of solutions in this field. Customers will have access to a more complete product portfolio which will increase their productivity and overall harvest results.

“Galvani’s 80 years of experience brings additional knowledge to Yara, especially related to mining processes, production and marketing of phosphates in Brazil,” says Lieven. “Our 1,200 Galvani employees are regularly informed about the joint venture and initial doubts have been clarified thanks to a regular and transparent communication,” says Cooreman. “Our team is well motivated by the prospects of the professional and personal development opportunities that come with the joint venture.”

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