June 08, 2015

From harmful to harmless

Industrial facilities, such as power plants, cement factories and refineries, are heavy emitters of harmful exhaust gases. Yara’s environmental solutions help them become greener.
Industrial facilities
Industrial facilities

Clean air is essential to all life on earth. This is why emissions abatement is a key focus area for Yara’s Environmental Solutions business. Large industrial installations emit hazardous Nitrogen Oxide NOx gases, which cause respiratory illnesses and are blamed for tens of thousands of global deaths annually. Yara’s DeNox systems allow for a 98-percent reduction in harmful NOx emissions from exhaust or flue gas, allowing all of us to breathe cleaner air.

As part of our strategic ambition to address global challenges such as air pollution, Yara acquired H+H Umwelt- und Industrietechnik GmbH and Strabag’s flue gas cleaning division in 2014. Both businesses are now fully integrated into Yara’s Environmental Technologies business unit and play an important role in achieving the unit’s ambitious growth targets.

Emissions are created when fossil fuels are used for energy and heat generation. These emissions contain harmful substances. With more than 600 systems installed globally, Yara’s emissions abatement solutions help large industrial facilities meet increasingly stricter emissions regulations. By injecting ammonia into the flue gas flow, the NOx gases react on the surface of the catalyst and are converted into harmless atmospheric nitrogen and water vapor.

A unique position

“Yara has a unique position since we are the only company that provides a comprehensive solution , comprising cleansing technology, chemical reagent and aftermarket services,” says Rolf Isberg, head of Environmental Technologies at Yara. “The integration of the recently acquired companies gives us access to key growth markets in Eastern Europe and Asia – making us a truly global environmental solutions company.”

The integration of Umwelt- und Industrietechnik GmbH and Strabag’s flue gas cleansing division into Yara’s Environmental Technologies business unit involved locations in Germany, Austria, Poland and Taiwan. The Environmental Technologies business unit forms part of Yara’s Environmental Solutions business line, which focuses on solutions that contribute to safeguarding the environment and is an important revenue and profit driver for Yara. We also provide emissions reduction solutions for ships and vehicles.

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