October 21, 2015

Bread, pasta and beer

What do bread, pasta and some types of beer have in common? They are all dependent on one key ingredient: wheat! The challenge for farmers is to grow large quantities without compromising on quality or harming the environment. Yara has the solutions to achieve all three goals. Watch the video!

Cord Nissen runs a farm on the Wintershagen estate near Hamburg in Northern Germany. He faces two challenges. Firstly, he must produce large quantities of wheat to remain profitable. Secondly, he must do so without losing the nutritional value of his crops. High-quality wheat - wheat with a protein content of at least 12 percent - containing - commands a significant premium over animal feed. So in order for Cord Nissen to optimize his income he must achieve both goals: quantity and quality. And since he cares about the environment, he wants to do this in a sustainable way.

Together with Yara agronomist Jens Grube, Cord Nissen has found the optimal solution: the use of efficient protein-enhancing YaraBela nitrate fertilizers in combination with sophisticated precision farming tools. This has allowed him to achieve a bigger top-quality harvests with less environmental impact – achieving more with less. Watch the video to find out more!