December 09, 2013

Taking a stand against corruption

"All of us have a responsibility to take action against the cancer of corruption."
Taing a stand against corruption
Taing a stand against corruption

UN General Secretary Ban-Ki Moon’s message on International Anti-Corruption Day is loud and clear. It will echo in New York at a gathering of companies and organizations from all over the world who meet to share knowledge on battling corruption.

The cost of corruption is measured not just in the billions of dollars of wasted or stolen government resources but in the misfortune of families and communities. It translates into the absence of hospitals, schools, clean water, roads and bridges that might have been built with that money to improve the lives of ordinary people.

Battling corruption through UNGC

Ezekiel Ward“Corruption is not inevitable. It flows from greed and the triumph of the undemocratic few over the expectations of the many. On International Anti-Corruption Day, I call on everyone to work towards a sustainable future where corruption is exposed and rejected, where integrity prevails, and where the hopes and dreams of millions are realized,” Ban Ki-Moon said at last year’s Anti-Corruption Day.

Yara’s Chief Compliance officer, Ezekiel Ward, is responsible for Yara’s work on ethical and compliance related issues. “Yara is doing its part for the ‘expectations of the many’, and has joined the UN in the battle against corruption by becoming a lead member of the United Nations Global Compact,” Ezekiel says.

The UN Global Compact is an initiative for businesses committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Business, as a primary driver of globalization, can help ensure that markets, commerce, technology and finance advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere.


Increasing the focus on anti-corruption

On December 10th Yara will be represented in New York at the UN Global Compact’s 10th anniversary for the 10th Principle of anti-corruption. This is just one of many demonstrations of Yara’s commitment to anti-corruption work.

“The Ethics and Compliance department has undergone fundamental changes in the last two years and now numbers nine full time employees dedicated to Yara’s anti-corruption work,” Ezekiel explains. “As we move into 2015 with a new and restructured team, Ethics and Compliance will aim to push anti-corruption further with continued training and awareness efforts,” he says.

“There will be an increased focus on third parties such as suppliers, customers and other business partners, emphasizing the responsibilities they carry in this matter. Yara’s internal policies will be reviewed as we continually strive to provide our employees and partners with the best possible guidance and regulation on anti-corruption and other ethical matters,” he concludes.

Yara echoes the words of Ban-Ki Moon and on this day calls on all its employees to always “work towards a sustainable future where corruption is exposed and rejected, and where integrity prevails.”