December 11, 2023

A data-driven journey to sustainable farming

Maintaining and improving soil health is crucial for sustainable agriculture; and is possible through data-driven insights and precise crop management. Yara’s digital teams are bridging the knowledge gap, equipping farmers with the digital tools and knowledge essential for success.

Agriculture technology farmer man using tablet computer analysis data and visual icon
Agriculture technology farmer man using tablet computer analysis data and visual icon

In a world confronted by the pressing challenges of climate change, nature (biodiversity) loss and food security, we need to produce more food, while using less of the planet’s resources. Feeding a growing population hinge on our ability to do so sustainably and efficiently. 

All eyes on regenerative agriculture

At Yara, we define regenerative agriculture as a systematic, outcome-based approach to adopt the best sustainable farming practices that positively affect nature and climate across five themes: climate, soil health, resource use, biodiversity, and prosperity. This approach has a huge potential to act as a lever both to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis and contribute to a nature-positive food future. This is because regenerative agriculture can maintain crop yield and quality, while protecting the environment.

The power of digital tools and data  

Soil health is the backbone of regenerative agriculture, crop yield and quality and long-term food security.

However, to maintain and improve soil health, balanced and precise crop nutrition is needed, and in turn, this requires precise monitoring and measurements. In short, if you cannot measure you cannot improve it.

For farmers, monitoring and measuring tools (digital farming tools) provide the necessary data insights that are needed to improve nutrient management and soil health.

Agronomist testing Yara digital tool on crop

Yara Digital Ecosystem: leadership and action    

Yara's worldwide network of digital teams is well positioned to expand regenerative farming practices and digitalization efforts, globally. The combination of over a century’s worth of crop-nutrition knowledge, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, empowers regional teams to develop solutions that address local farming challenges and/or market conditions.   

Cutting-edge digital solutions  

Yara’s digital teams are formed by an international team of engineers, scientists, researchers, UX/UI designers, agronomists and more.

By combining decades of knowledge with hardware tools, advanced sensors, satellite technology, automation, and API products, Yara has established a portfolio of innovative digital solutions that are at the forefront of optimizing crop nutrition. These solutions enhance crop productivity and quality and contribute to our sustainability efforts.

From YaraFX Insight's API-based crop-nutrition integration to hardware devices like the N-tester and N-sensor, as well as platforms like Atfarm, YaraConnect, and FarmCare, Yara is transforming the agricultural landscape by empowering farmers and advisors with data-driven insights and tools designed to boost agricultural efficiency and sustainability.

Farmer holding a handful of grains

A digital roadmap to sustainability 

To grow enough food for a growing world population, it is crucial that we collaborate to farm more sustainably, reduce global emissions, maximize yields, and ensure farmer prosperity. Digital farming is a critical part of reaching these goals.

Yara’s Digital Ecosystem serves as a catalyst, driving innovation within Yara, redefining business paradigms, expanding the horizons of digital farming, reaching new heights in commercial outreach and product development, all while ensuring accountability for our sustainability commitments.

By embracing open data and working alongside other frontrunners, we can support as many farmers as possible to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their crop production. Together, we are unlocking the power of data and technology for a nature-positive food future.

We are growing a nature-positive food future. Do you want to be part of the journey?

Yara agronomist and farmer in field using tablet

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