Digital hubs and sites: our centers of gravity

Our Digital Farming team is centered around six digital hubs in Germany, Singapore, Brazil, India, China and Bulgaria and two sites in Thailand and UK.

We chose these locations for their proximity to our core markets and the digital talent in each country. By having multiple locations, we can innovate globally while tailoring our approaches to the needs of specific markets.

Each of our digital hubs and sites is a creative space that fosters innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship for everyone involved.

World map of Digital Farming Hubs and Sites

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Our digital hubs

digital farming hub

Berlin, Germany
Berlin is the original site of Yara’s Digital Farming venture and remains one of our main hubs, housing people and teams across all disciplines.

Singapore's renowned start-up culture make it an ideal hub location. This hub is currently home to people and teams across all disciplines.

São Paulo, Brazil
The São Paulo hub was the second to be established and sits together with the Yara Brazil office. 

Digital farming hub

Bangalore, India
The Bangalore hub is a center of excellence for digital products and services, housing teams from Digital Production, Digital Solutions, and Global IT.

Varna, Bulgaria
The Varna hub was integrated via Yara's acquisition of a Bulgarian ag-tech company in 2016. Today, it is home to some of our product squads.

Shanghai, China
The Shanghai office validates and scales digital solutions and create new ones for the Chinese market. 

Our other sites

Bangkok, Thailand
Yara established the Bangkok office to support the early testing and validation of some of our regional solutions. Now, this hub continues to lead local partnerships and apps.

Pocklington, UK
This site houses our MegaLab team, which supports our soil-testing tools and conducts hundreds of thousands of soil tests for farmers across Europe.