Crop nutrition solutions

Digital farming

The digital farmer

The digital revolution in agriculture will allow a step-change in the optimum use of crop nutrition products, which help to feed the world and protect the planet.

As population grows we need to find a way to produce much more food, with less resources in a more sustainable way. The first major step-growth in agricultural production happed more than 100 years ago with the advent of nitrate based mineral fertilizer. Already then Yara played a pivotal role.

As our challenges grow we need new tools to even maintain, let alone improve the way we grow food. We believe Digital Farming is one key answer to these challenges.

Digital disruption can unlock multiple benefits for the farmer. As a consequence, the farmer has many more opportunities to optimize:

  • More insights and information to informed decision making
  • Granular optimization down to sub-square meter level
  • Computer-driven decision support, basing complex decisions on facts and simulation
  • Ability to access information

This gives us the opportunity to realize a step-change in food production

  • Higher yield, as inputs are used to their full potential
  • Higher quality, as we understand more deeply the complex drivers of quality from for example optimized crop nutrition application
  • Less waste, as precisely the right amount of fertilizer is applied, tailored to weather, soil, etc.
  • Higher value, as a result of optimized operations

Shaping the future tools

Digital Farming is set up to help shape the future tools from Yara and explore how we can transfer our unique knowledge to help farmers increase yield and reduce emissions based on new ways of collaborating and new technologies. It adds new offerings for farmers, and allows us to reach more farmers in a more deep interaction. 

Yara has been an innovation-driven company for more than 100 years, and an early mover in the field of precision agriculture, with the launch of game-changing technology such as Yara N-sensor more than 10 years ago. The N-sensor allows a tailored application of fertilizer based on real-time information on the field status. This and other earlier digital products are a strong foundation to build on in our future efforts.

By utilizing this advantage and building a fast running team with the right knowledge, Yara is well set to shape the digital future of farming.


The Digital Farming team also explore partners and acquisitions to expand Yara’s position in the digital farming space, whilst building strong in-house competence in parallel.

The acquisition of Agronomic Technology Corp (ATC) including the Adapt-N solution in November 2017 was part of our strategy to accelerate investments in digital farming. The company, which is based in both New York and Silicon Valley, already has a strong commercial position in corn in the US, and is expanding to other crops and geographies, which will now be significantly accelerated together with Yara’s global footprint and knowledge.

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