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Yara helps farmers combat the effects of climate change and improve nutrient use efficiency

November 29, 2023


Global rise in temperatures has introduced a challenging reality for farmers worldwide.  To meet the increasing demand for solutions to protect crops against climate change and optimize nutrient use efficiency, Yara is launching YaraAmplix™. A new brand that will expand the range of biostimulants.

Application of YaraAmplix biostimulant on crops

November 29th 2023 Milan: Climate change is putting many of the world’s most popular foods such as maize, tomato and wheat at risk of reduced crops. With the average global temperature on earth having already increased by over 1 degree Celsius in the last 100 years*1, agriculture is now experiencing more extreme weather than ever before with temperature increases being most severe on land. 

In response to farmers asking for solutions to increase crop resilience and nutrient use efficiency, Yara today announces the launch of YaraAmplix, a new brand of biostimulants, at the Biostimulant World Congress in Milan, Italy.  

“Extreme weather is destroying crops all over the world with drought, flooding and frost. Biostimulants helps farmers make their crops stronger, and more resilient to stress from climate change. Farmers are the first line of defense against food insecurity, and we are adapting to their needs with solutions that allow them to prosper when the environment is not always on their side,” says Svein Tore Holsether, CEO Yara. 

In the last five years, Yara has developed a comprehensive product portfolio of biostimulants, with each one based on a unique formulation, and with the ability to stimulate plant metabolism and performance. Since 2018, this portfolio has grown with a compound annual growth rate of more than 50%. 

These products will now become part of a new brand family, YaraAmplix, with several new products in the pipeline for 2024. The portfolio is formulated with mostly natural ingredients such as seaweed and plant extracts, to deliver targeted effects such as enhanced tolerance to abiotic stress, improved nutrient use efficiency, crop yield and quality. YaraAmplix is a vital solution for regenerative agriculture addressing climate, soil health, resource use, biodiversity and prosperity.

With over 100 years of crop nutrition expertise, Yara continues to leverage this extensive knowledge with increasing investments in R&D, to enable Yara’s team of scientists to work on creating new innovative formulations. These formulations are intended to be used on different crops in multiple regions, addressing specific challenges. YaraAmplix is a complement to Yara’s fertilizer portfolio, providing a complete crop nutrition solution; in what will become a key offering for farmers in the future.  

Yara’s ambition is to grow a nature-positive food future, and the company is conducting scientific and independent trials on biostimulants in all regions to evaluate and validate their effects in various conditions and crops. A dataset of 359 data points from 2018 to 2020 shows an average yield increase of 7.5% with a win rate of 74% over control treatment.

“Popular foods we all rely on, such as tomato, maize, soybean, and citrus to name a few, are at increased risk of yields loss due to extreme weather, so lowering greenhouse gas emissions to avoid a worsening scenario is key. As part of the solution, biostimulants are an essential tool to help reduce loss of food due to climatic stresses while improving nutrient use efficiency, a critical lever when it comes to enabling farmers to keep their business profitable and sustainable. The launch of YaraAmplix emphasizes even more our focus on regenerative agriculture and that is why we intend to take on a leading position of biostimulants in the future,” says Rejane Souza, SVP Global Innovation.

YaraAmplix will begin commercial rollout in China, Brazil, and France during the end of 2023, and will gradually be rolled out to the rest of the world in 2024.

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*1 NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Marius Wærhaug Madsen
Communication Manager
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Rejane Souza
SVP Global Innovation

Antonis Angeletakis
Director Biostimulants

About Yara 
Yara grows knowledge to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet. Supporting our vision of a world without hunger and a planet respected, we pursue a strategy of sustainable value growth, promoting climate-friendly crop nutrition and zero-emission energy solutions. Yara’s ambition is focused on Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future that creates value for our customers, shareholders and society at large and delivers a more sustainable food value chain. 

To achieve our ambition, we have taken the lead in developing digital farming tools for precision farming and work closely with partners throughout the food value chain to improve the efficiency and sustainability of food production. Through our focus on clean ammonia production, we aim to enable the hydrogen economy, driving a green transition of shipping, fertilizer production and other energy intensive industries. 

Founded in 1905 to solve the emerging famine in Europe, Yara has established a unique position as the industry’s only global crop nutrition company. We operate an integrated business model with around 17,500 employees and operations in 60 countries, with a proven track record of strong returns. In 2022, Yara reported revenues of USD 24.1 billion.



Tractor spraying Yara Amplix Biostimulants (Yara Amplix photos,COM/RESOURCE/DOWNLOAD/8A051E43-CD92-4986-9468-94215FCE6973)
Biostimulants are applied as a liquid to plants. (Yara Amplix photo 2,COM/RESOURCE/DOWNLOAD/293C9E32-7473-44C6-B8EB-3C91642C4C71)
Increasing nutritional uptake with biostimulants is important to reduce expansion of farmland. (Yara Amplix photos 3,COM/RESOURCE/DOWNLOAD/D19C1E5A-1565-4DCA-B34F-8D70CAEC03BD)