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Repurchase of own shares by Yara International ASA

March 22, 2021

From 15 March 2021 until 19 March 2021 Yara International ASA ("Yara") has purchased a total of 300,255 own shares at the Oslo Stock exchange as follows:

DateNumber of sharesWeighted average price
15 March 202160,051NOK 435.8739
16 March 202160,051NOK 434.3983
17 March 202160,051NOK 433.5596
18 March 202160,051NOK 434.4556
19 March 202160,051NOK 437.8099

The shares were purchased as part of the buyback program authorized by the Yara Annual General meeting held 7 May 2020. The shares acquired pursuant to this authorization shall be subsequently cancelled. Please refer to Yara's stock exchange releases dated 25 August 2020 and 7 May 2020 for further information about the buy-back program.

Yara has an agreement with the Norwegian State according to which the State's shares will be redeemed on a pro-rata basis to ensure that the State's ownership is unchanged when shares are cancelled.

The buyback program is carried out in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (“MAR”) and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 2016/1052 (“Safe Harbour Regulation”).

Yara intends to buy back 8,551,880 of its shares outstanding by 23 March 2021, under an external bank mandate. Including the proportional redemption of shares owned by the Norwegian state, the total buyback and redemption will amount to approximately 5.0% of shares outstanding. Up to and including the transactions detailed above, Yara has purchased and holds 8,431,779 shares as part of its current buy-back program.

Yara International ASA is required to disclose this information in accordance with MAR. A full breakdown of the above transactions conducted in accordance with article 5.3 of MAR and article 2.3 of the Safe Harbour Regulation is attached to this press release. For information about all transactions carried out under the buyback program, please refer to Yara’s web pages:
Buy-back program and ADRs | Yara International


Thor Giæver, Investor Relations
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