VIDEO: Meet the farmers

We follow four farmers in Tanzania and Kenya

Through Action Africa, 250,000 farmers can now provide food for one million people in East Africa for one year, while millions more are connecting to ongoing advice through Yara’s groundbreaking new digital platform.

While access to premium fertilizer and agronomic knowledge is an important first step towards creating a more resilient future for millions of farmers in Africa, access to financial, insurance, market and infrastructure support could create systemic solutions for a thriving future.

We will follow four farmers thought the many hurdles that persist on a daily basis to grow food that can feed their families and their community. Access to water, caring for elderly family members, the traveling distances to schools or medical care, the lack of access to knowledge, markets, transportation and infrastructure.

Anastancia Kulundu (40) is a mother of two, who is on her own the provider for the family, She works on her parent’s farm on the evenings and Saturdays and a day job from Monday to Friday as an Administrative Assistant for the Luhya Elders Forum in Kakamega, Kenya. She also volunteers as a Catholic teacher for the kids in Sunday School.

Agnes Kemunto (43) lives with her mother and three daughters in Ramba Village, Nyamira County, Kenya. Besides helping her mother on the farm, she is a tea picker at Lamba Primary School, where she works for two months at a time. Her faith in God is what keeps her head up.

In Tanzania we follow Elibariki Kimati (40) and Jonathan Hadson (48). Elibariki lives with his wife and their three children. Besides his farm, he owns a shop where he sells groceries. His community is very important to him, and he will go far for the people around him if they are ever in need. Jonathan lives with his family of 7 including his wife, children, grandchild, and mother. He is a rice farmer with big ambitions and lots of dreams for the future which all depend on the outcome from his farm.

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