Our governance performance

Sound governance is the foundation for living and reinforcing our purpose, as well as for progressing on the People, Planet, and Prosperity performance dimensions. We ensure that success is achieved in the right way, according to high standards.

Ethics and compliance in Yara

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As a global company, Yara is exposed to different cultures, traditions, labor conditions, and threats. We are dedicated to responsible business conduct throughout our own operations and value chain. This means promoting accountability by maintaining proper policies and practices, having zero tolerance for fraud and corruption, upholding a culture of respect, honesty, and fairness, and contributing to transparency. Responsible business conduct is crucial in earning the trust of our stakeholders and key to our success.

The regulatory landscape is changing rapidly, driven first and foremost by the need to speed up the transition to a sustainable future. We monitor policy processes to stay abreast of regulations and engage whenever we can support and accelerate change in our industry and agriculture. As a major producer of fertilizer, we are committed to driving excellence throughout our business and complying with applicable laws and other requirements in all our activities. Compliance is a minimum.

Our material topics

Ethics Business integrity
Honoring responsible business conduct and promoting accountability by maintaining proper policies and practices, upholding a culture of respect, honesty and fairness, and contributing to transparency.
Regulatory changes Regulatory changes and compliance
Conforming to all applicable laws, regulations, standards, and voluntary commitments while keeping abreast of and prepared for new regulatory changes.
Board Competancy Board composition and oversight
The extent to which the composition, role, and work of our Board of Directors is aligned with long-term value creation.

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