"Bela" derives from the Old Norse word "beyla," meaning fertility.

The YaraBela nitrogen fertilizer range is a proven solution for the strong, prolonged growth of fertile crops; products that have been tried, tested and proven as a result of practical experience across a range of crops worldwide.

YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers comprise superior quality of cost-effective sources of nitrogen and calcium to fuel growth and productivity. Most commonly packaged as bulk products, YaraBela fertilizers are widely used as dry applications on large-scale field crops.

They supply a balanced source of nitrogen, usually as a mix of ammonium and nitrate forms, to maximize soil fertility and boost growth processes and yield. This combination provides the best of both worlds; rapidly available nitrate for immediate growth, and slow-release ammonium for prolonged plant development. YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers give accurate application due to high bulk density and uniform particle size distribution. This allows crop improvement by high spreading width but no loss of accuracy.

Where formulated with calcium – as calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) – YaraBela fertilizers also boost crop quality. This includes improved tuber quality in potatoes and better storability in high-quality brassica crops.

YaraBela nitrogen fertilizers provide consistent, proven crop performance year-in and year-out across a wide range of crops and climatic conditions.

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Results you can see

Nutrient efficiency

Balanced Nitrogen Nutrition

Provides Nitrate and ammonium-N sustained supply with immediate availability, supporting cation uptake

Soil health

Improved soil conditions

Reduced soil acidification compared to urea or ammonium sulphate and less nitrogen fixation and immobilization with nitrates

Medium- Seedling

Reduced nitrogen loss

Reduced N loss to ammonia emissions (economic benefit for the farmer) and less leaching risk

Why choose Yara’s Nitrate-based solutions?

Farmers in field grown with nitrogen based fertilizer

A responsible choice

Yara’s nitrate-based solutions make the farm more sustainable, efficient, and profitable. Nitrate-based solutions offer significantly higher profit and yields, while being a better option for the environment, health, land productivity and food quality. In multiple studies, Nitrate fertilizers have been shown to deliver lower ammonia loss, lower carbon footprint and in most cases lower N2O emissions.

Agronomist using N-tester from Yara

Expertise you can trust

Yara has 100+ years of agronomic knowledge combining integrated tailored crop nutrition solutions, farm management systems and digital farming. This invaluable experience allows our 1000+ agronomists and sales representatives to advise on fertilizers taking into account all factors: the crop, projected yield and crop quality, contribution of nutrients from the soil, crop residues and organic manures.

Farmer opening Yarabela nitrate based fertilizer big bag

Guaranteed quality

Our global quality control ensures that if it's Yara on the bag, it's Yara in the bag. Yara’s fertilizers can be traced back from field to factory. You can be sure every YaraBela bag is made in our own plants. We have absolute control over the whole process and only use carefully sourced high-quality raw materials. By also running regular tests, we know we are delivering the highest quality of fertilizer.