A complete range 

Unlike most fertilizer companies, we offer a complete range of crop nutrition products.

Our fertilizers range from those based on the most widely needed nutrients – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) – to those incorporating growth and quality enhancing nutrients, such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), to micronutrients that help prevent or cure deficiencies resulting from particular soil or crop conditions.

If crops lack any of these nutrients, yield and profitability are reduced. That’s why we offer not only a product range that meets all crop nutrition needs, but also crop-specific advice and fertilizer management tools and services.

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Field applied

Tractor spreading nitrate-based fertilizer

Nitrogen is essential for healthy plant growth and good yield. Straight nitrogen fertilizers are often the major source of this important nutrient. Nitrate forms of nitrogen are most swiftly absorbed by crops, which is why they are commonly used when a fast response is needed.  Ammonium- and urea-based fertilizers are more commonly used where a more gradual uptake of nutrients is needed. 

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Hands holding YaraMila compound fertilizer

In addition to nitrogen fertilizers, we supply various compound fertilizer products. These supply several chemically combined major nutrients, most commonly nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Our offer also includes blended products, field-grade calcium nitrate fertilizers for cash crops and a potassium nitrate range.

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Field fertigation

Fertigation is the combined application of water and nutrients to a crop – a mix of fertilizing and irrigating. It is common in cash-crop segments, however Yara has recently launched its pioneering field fertigation solution, which includes the world’s first water-soluble granular fertilizer.

We have a wide range of fertigation and liquid fertilizers to meet any crop situation. Our full range of essential nutrients can be used in drip irrigation, sprinkler systems or pivot agriculture.

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Field fertigation

YaraVita Foliar nutrition ensure optimal nutrient balance at important times during the growing season. Each YaraVita foliar nutrition products are formulated from high-quality ingredients in our production facilities and tested globally to ensure consistent maximized crop performance. 

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Growing seed

 YaraVita coatings are an efficient way to add and protect the value​ of seeds and fertilizers at crop establishment.

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Biostimulant fertilizer being applied

Biostimulants are an integral part of a crop nutrition program and a vital solution for sustainable agriculture. The range of biostimulants enhances nutrient use efficiency, increases tolerance to abiotic stress, and improves crop quality.

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Farmer holding YaraSuna organic fertilizer in his hand

By recovering and utilizing nutrients that already exist, organic-based fertilizers help to effectively recycle nutrients, contributing to a circular economy. The organic matter of these fertilizers also helps support soil health and promotes crop resilience, which is crucial in a changing climate.

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Low-carbon footprint

Hands catching green fertilizers

Low-carbon footprint fertilizers are nitrate-based mineral fertilizers with exactly the same chemical and physical composition as fertilizers produced with fossil sources (natural gas, coal, oil), but with a much lower carbon footprint because they are produced with renewable electricity (hydro, wind, solar). 

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