Øystein J. Kostøl

Member of the Board since 2020

Mr Kostøl (born 1982) has been a Yara employee since 2012, currently in the position of Senior Innovation Manager in the Climate Neutral Solutions department, responsible for market development. The first three years working for Yara, Mr Kostøl was based in Ethiopia, working on the Dallol mining project.

Successively, he worked as project manager in different Yara mining projects until 2017 when he started in the Innovation department, focusing on climate neutral solutions. Mr Kostøl has previously worked in the Norwegian utility company Statkraft and Mr. Kostøl is heading the Yara Tekna group, which organizes Yara employees holding a master of Technology degree.

He holds a Master of Technology degree from NTNU (Trondheim, Norway) on Energy and Environment.

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