YaraGerminate: Investing in start-ups

What is YaraGerminate?

Man flying a drone at sunset
Man flying a drone at sunset

YaraGerminate is our corporate venture capital fund that invests in start-ups and innovative early ventures which share our mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet

We believe we can add smart money and additional value to our portfolio companies through our extensive industry network, global presence and experience within agriculture.

We are hands-on, active investors that aim to support and collaborate with our portfolio companies to see them generate superior returns.  

Why do we invest in startups?

Our goal is to be part of reshaping the industry and develop the next generation of agricultural businesses by sustainably increasing food production.
Blue sky
Blue sky
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Our commitment

YaraGerminate is our commitment to support innovative and sustainable solutions for global food and climate problems – wherein we need to increase food production in a sustainable way by reducing inputs.

AgTech - Internet of things


We are keen to invest in new and emerging technology to foster and accelerate innovation that addresses the needs of a changing world. We are in a position to help set startups up for success and growth given our position on sustainability, global presence, technological and agronomic knowledge and emerging digital capabilities.

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Financial return

We seek to fund companies that are both supportive and disruptive to our current business model. Like a conventional venture capitalist, our goal is to help our portfolio companies scale to a successful exit and give us a return on our investment.

We could be looking for you!

We are on the look-out for early-stage ventures with brilliant ideas. A scalable business model and a clear growth strategy are crucial. The venture must have strong backing from other investors or partners along with immense ambition to build global success. We are keen to partner with start-ups in the following areas:

Iphone icon - digitalization
Automation and digitalization has transformed sector after sector, and agriculture is no different. The digital disruption that AgTech and Digital Farming represents is of particular interest to us. We want to offer farmers new digital solutions and improve the way they operate.
BioTech agriculture
As a global crop nutrition leader we look for the newest solutions on the market applied to plants or soils to improve crop vigour, yields and quality for our farmers. We are curious to learn how new technology can complement and substitute our current portfolio and bring up new opportunities and new ways to foster plant growth and development throughout the crop’s life.
circular economy
Circular economy
We are actively engaged and researching opportunities for how we as a company can contribute to and benefit from a more circular economy. We welcome the concept of circular economy and the development of the European Union’s circular economy package.
food value chain icon
Food value chain integration
We are especially interested in the trend of backward integration in the food value chain, driven by demand for reliable, high-quality products with proven carbon footprint and free from contaminations.
Green Production
Production and distribution technology
Most nitrogen plants are based on conventional Haber/Bosch technology and fossil fuel stock. With advances in production technology and access to energy, this picture can change drastically with decarbonization already showing impact on our industry.
climate change
Climate change
Climate change is a major trend impacting all aspects of civil and business life across the globe. We are keen to hear about new technologies and business models that will help us reduce our carbon footprint.

Our investment strategy

blue sky
blue sky
  • We seek direct minority investments in start-ups 
  • We are active investors and seek to have a seat in the board of directors or have a board observer seat in our portfolio companies
  • We typically invest between $100.000 - 7,5 million in each portfolio company over the lifetime of the investment
  • We invest in companies at all stages. The investment size depends on the stage and potential of the company
  • We have a global mandate and invest in both local and global start-ups with a clear potential for global scalability
  • We can be lead investors but prefer to co-invest with a local investor for investments in new geographical areas
  • Our end goal is to help our portfolio companies scale up to a successful exit

Our portfolio

Our team

Our team has an impressive track record from venture capital and a extensive network. This is combined with the internal expertise in different domains within our organization that is ready to support YaraGerminate.
hands in the field
hands in the field
Erkki Aaltonen
Erkki Aaltonen
Director of Venture Investments
Sjur Magnus Ringøen
Sjur Magnus Ringøen
Investment Analyst

Want to present your case for YaraGerminate?

Do you think YaraGerminate will be a good investor for your start-up? Please share your investment case with us as we always are open for investment proposals. We review all inquiries and come back to all applicants within three weeks. If we wish to proceed with the discussions, we will invite you for a further dialogue.