Business ethics

As a global company we have a responsibility to stand up against corruption and promote fair business practices.

What are business ethics?

Ethical challenges are rarely black and white situations. They force us to engage our moral compass and make decisions based on the knowledge at hand. It's hard and sometimes even unappreciated. That is why we are proud to say we are willing to confront unethical business practices. We stand by our values so we can offer an example of what is possible and hopefully inspire others to follow suit.

The following topics are relevant for all industries, in every country. These are ethical challenges that we as an international company face every day, and we need to keep in mind how they affect us.

Unfair advantage and influence have a detrimental effect on decent business practices. Understanding the difference is key to breaking the chain of corruption.

Facilitation payments

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How can small exchanges of goods affect the economy of a whole country? Facilitation payments that let people cut in line and pay their way through inspections create barriers for everyone else. We cannot allow people to buy unfair business advantages. We must break the chain of corruption.  

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Gifts and hospitality

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Gifts are one of the most powerful influence tactics in business. Gifts are given to acknowledge achievements and express gratitude, but also to corrupt decision making.

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Conflicts of interest

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It’s not always easy to draw the line between business and personal interest. Power can create opportunities for favoritism towards family or close relations. We must make sure we all follow the same guidelines to ensure a level playing field for everyone.

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