Flue Gas Treatment

Yara Flue Gas Treatment Systems

Our flue gas cleaning systems are used globally for the efficient removal of pollutants from flue gas using catalytic and non-catalytic denitrification processes.

Hazardous substances are substantially reduced through an ideal combination of our systems to provide tried-and-tested, leading-edge technologies for environment-friendly power plants and industrial applications. Hazardous substances we can help you deal with include: NOx, SO₂, SOx, Hg, Dioxin and more.

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Our flue gas cleaning system clients


Our flue gas cleaning system clients

Our clients in industries using Yara pollutant removal technology include:

  • Energy providers
  • Operating companies
  • Associations
  • Waste disposal companies
  • Municipal authorities
  • Cement factories
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Agricultural and food industry
  • Refineries
Sales Department – Global
Sales Department – Global

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