Emergency inerting systems

Reduce risk and keep your people and plant safe by installing and using an anti-explosion protection system. Our comprehensive inerting experience will provide the best solution for your safety needs.

Depending on the specific safety requirements of the client and industry (cement, power plant, coal, grain), Yara offers inerting solutions based on proprietary, proven reliable technology.

You can expect a comprehensive, end-to-end service including:

  • Risk analysis
  • Installation of anti-explosion protection systems
  • Continuing support with the supply of the inert gases necessary for the systems to function.

With more than 500 references worldwide, Yara’s inerting experts have the solution and experience to meet your safety needs.

Bespoke emergency inerting solutions:

If you are looking for an industrial explosion and smouldering fire prevention solution, Yara can help. We can design, install and service reliable emergency inerting systems using inert gases. Our fire and explosion safety systems effectively deliver: 

  • Prevention of smouldering fires
  • Explosion prevention
  • Auto-ignition prevention
  • Oxidation prevention
Achim Rott
Achim Rott
Head of Sales Inerting, Cement & Lime
Cement plant pipes
Cement plant pipes

Industries using Yara Emergency Inerting Systems

  • Cement and lime 
  • Power 
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals 
  • Paints and lacquers 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Waste incineration plants 

How inerting systems work 

Yara inerting systems use inert gases to prevent fires and explosions. They reduce the oxygen level to below the critical concentration level, making it impossible for an explosion to occur or helping suffocating a smouldering fire. 

See more on how inerting systems work



Fire prevention 

Commodity processing, handling and storage generate dusts, gases and vapours. Auto-ignition and smouldering resulting from these processes can quickly turn into a fire or explosion and put your personnel, production and assets at serious risk. 

By using intelligent emergency inerting systems for explosion protection or fire protection, it is possible to reduce the risk of the occurrence of dangerous operational conditions. 


Industrial safety standards in your industry

All pressure equipment is designed to meet standards set out in European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EC and European Machine Guideline (2006/42/EC) and upon request certified to Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR ZU) and RTN requirements when and where applicable. 

Dust explosion protection systems are designed according to European CEN TR 15281 Inerting guideline and Technical regulation for safety operation TRBS 2152-2.

Inerting system

Why choose Yara tailor-made inerting solutions?

You can expert advice and ongoing support with a reliable supply of inert gases as needed. Yara offers: 

  • Qualified specialists 
  • Risk identification 
  • Tailor-made inerting system design and development 
  • CO₂ or N₂ Storage 
  • Injection systems 
  • Control systems 
  • Maintenance and after sales service 
Achim Rott
Achim Rott
Head of Sales Inerting, Cement & Lime