Biogas Enhancers

Improving the efficiency of biogas production makes sound business sense. Using Yara's Biogas Production Optimizer improves biogas quality and quantity and cuts costs.

Whether you are running a small single-farm biogas plant or a large operation, making sure it works as optimally as possible is the key to maximizing output and profitability. Yara's Biogas Production Optimizer will help achieve this.

How Yara's Biogas Production Optimizer works

Yara BPO gives bacteria greater access to the carbon sources in the substrate. This accelerates and optimizes the conversion of substrates into biogas. The result is an increased methane concentration in the biogas, and therefore a higher energy content.

It also helps create a part-time anoxic metabolism at the micro scale. This provides slightly higher energy yield to fermentative bacteria than constant anaerobic metabolism.

Biogas plant

Alternatively, for the benefit of increased methane production, Yara BPO raises in microscale the oxidation-reduction (redox) potential, shifting competition between sulfate-reducing bacteria, denitrifiers, and methanogenic organisms. The altered microorganism community leads to improved gas quality. Molecular analyzes confirm an increased denitrification, methanogenesis and cellulose degradation by bacterial metabolic processes with simultaneously reduced sulfate reduction (thus lower H2S formation).

Using Yara's Biogas Production Optimizer, you will:

  • Improve biogas quality through increased methane (CH4) yield
  • Increase biogas production with the same amount of substrate - or reduce the quantity of substrate needed to create the same level of biogas production
  • Improve the quality of digestate
  • Cut the costs for hydrogen sulfide H2S abatement

Get expert help to improve biogas production efficiency

Our specialized engineers help biogas plant operators find the best solution based on their business goals and plant parameters (type of substrate, mode of plant operation, temperature range, volumetric loading, etc.).

The Yara Biogas Production Optimizer can be applied to all types of biogas plants, and to all plant configurations as well as to all types of substrates.

Exclusive unique system

Yara's market-leading patented system includes:

  • No enzymes
  • No bacteria
  • No nutrients
Günter Doppelbauer
Günter Doppelbauer
Technical Director of Equipment & Chemistry Development for Environmental Solutions
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