Yara’s 2021 internship program in Oslo is in full swing

Yara has recently welcomed a total of 36 students and recent graduates for this year’s internship program. These individuals stood out amongst many, surpassing approximately 1,000 other applicants.

Catching up with some of our Oslo based summer interns at Yara House

Students from diverse ethnic backgrounds and varying academic disciplines have joined the team across multiple departments within Yara’s headquarters in Oslo. “I must say everyone has been very welcoming and warm. My team is very supportive and the tasks I have been given are engaging” said Digital Farming intern Farzan Khan.

To kick off the program, interns attended introduction meetings led by some of Yara’s business executives. In these meetings, interns gain a better understanding of Yara’s vision and mission, and how these are executed across the organization. “I’m so excited to get to experience working at a company where we get to hear from the EVPs and the CEO about the bigger picture and values, but also experience how that actually translates to projects and work” said Mirre Stevens, Patents intern. Additionally, interns will partake in several workshops throughout the summer to strengthen their skills, such as leadership and goal setting amongst others.

Throughout their 8 weeks at Yara, interns will work on different projects both individually and collaboratively, and apply their learnings to solve a variety of challenges across Yara’s wide range of departments. The aim is to guide students as they navigate through these challenges, while also providing them with independence and creative freedom to explore, learn, and grow.

Yara takes pride in its internship program and aims to foster a future generation of successful industry leaders. Most importantly, the goal of the program is to provide students with a positive learning experience and an opportunity to work on projects that address real world issues.

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