Join us for the Global Launch Event

A Global Initiative Announcement
June 8, 2021

As the need for climate-positive production grows, we at Yara are proud to introduce the Agoro Carbon Alliance. Join our virtual event to learn more about this initiative and what it means for the future of global agriculture production.
The event will feature speakers from across the up and down the supply chain, including farmers who are adopting carbon cropping practices to add new revenue streams, partners, and investors.

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Carbon is our common challenge, and our shared opportunity

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Enabling people to choose a climate positive future

Agriculture must become climate-positive for life on our planet to thrive.

This requires a commitment to transforming how we farm, on every farm on the planet, now.

Through the Agoro Carbon Alliance, farmers will get paid for their carbon crop, while tapping into valuable new markets where conscious consumers reward responsible agricultural choices.

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Alex Bell
Interim CEO, Agoro Carbon Alliance
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Kerri Pocock
Communications Manager
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Anastasia Pavlovic
Global Operations Director