Yara and sustainability


Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. We are a global leading company actively responding to global challenges. Our approach to being accountable and contributing to sustainable growth is Creating Impact.

Yara is the world leader in the production and distribution of mineral fertilizer. This fosters a global outlook and commitment. Our approach is to create value for all stakeholders, including society at large – creating impact.

We believe viable profitability, inclusive growth and safeguarding the environment are business imperatives for future competitiveness. Private business is vital for sustainable development – as sustainability is imperative for businesses to remain viable.

Yara’s main impact is found in the nexus of food – resources – environment. At the heart of our engagement lies sustainable agricultural development: Improving food security while reducing emissions and environmental impact, and at all times addressing rural development.

Yara pursues the issues of sustainable farming and the interconnectivity of food, climate, resource efficiency and environmental concerns in our core business, through innovation and R&D, in the global arena and in our partnerships.

Impact reporting 2013

Yara Impact review 2013

Yara Prize

Yara Prize

The Yara Prize for a Green Revolution in Africa recognizes significant contributions to the reduction of hunger and poverty in Africa.  Read more about the Yara Prize here:


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