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Company overview

Yara International ASA has grown and prospered since the company was first listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2004. Yara is now widely viewed as a major player not only in its core chemical industry but also as an industry shaper on issues ranging from food supplies to environmental protection.
Yara head office

Yara, with roots going back more than 100 years, remains the world's largest supplier of plant nutrients. With operations in more than 50 countries and sales to about 150 countries, it has a major share of the global mineral fertilizer market.


The company has production sites in 17 countries and holds strong positions in niche markets as well, from emissions reduction products to dry ice. Yara is also the largest trader of ammonia in the world.


From its corporate headquarters in Oslo, Norway, Yara runs worldwide production and support operations that employ 12,073 people (number at year-end 2014). The Norwegian State is the company’s largest single shareholder.