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Yara Sweden

Yara Sweden is working in the following activities:

  • Sales of fertilizer to agriculture, horticulture, green space and woodland

  • Sales and manufacturing of chemicals for industrial solutions

  • Sales and production of feed phosphates


Yara AB

Yara AB sells plant nutrients to the Swedish market and manufactures and sells several industrial solutions both to national and international markets. The company also produces and markets feed phosphates in Sweden and around the world.

Headquarters: Landskrona

Production sites: Helsingborg (Feed Phosphates) and Köping (mainly Technical Nitrates)

Terminals: Helsingborg, Landskrona, Norrköping and Åhus

Number of employees in 2014: nearly 300 employees

Köping - production site

Yara’s production site in central Sweden encompasses four plants for nitric acid, technical ammonium nitrates and various chemicals.

Production – Köping (Sweden)


Yara AB - Landskrona
Storgatan 24 P.O. Box 516 S-26124 Landskrona Sweden
Tel: +46 418 76 100
Fax: +46 418 17 225
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Yara Environmental Technologies AB
Gamla Almedalsvägen 21, Hus C, 412 63 Göteborg, Sweden -- Postal address: Box 240 66, 400 22 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel: +46 31 389 6401
Fax: +46 31 389 6499
sncr.sales@yara.com View on Google Maps

Production of Feed Phosphates
Yara AB – Helsingborg
Visit address: Industrigatan 70, SE-25109 Helsingborg Sweden
Tel: +46 418 76 100
Fax: +46 418 17 225
bolifor@yara.com View on Google Maps

Yara AB - Köping
P.O. Box 908 S-731 29 Köping Sweden
Tel: +46 22 12 78 00
Fax: +46 22 12 79 80
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